Re: ‘Al-Makura is the problem of CPC in Nasarawa’

Apr. 26, 2013

NewsRescue- First of all when I read the interview of Hon. Ishaq Ahmed Kana, Vice Chairman, Banking & Currency and Member representing Keffi/Kokona/Karu Federal Constituency of Nasarawa State on page 44 column of Dailytrust Newspaper of 18th April, 2013 edition, my reaction was which kind of a Legislator is this that will wake up one day and package a heap of rubbish in a National Daily without second thought?

There is little assumption that could be made of Hon. Ishaq Ahmed Kana interview which was titled ‘Al-Makura is the problem of CPC in Nasarawa’. It is either that he is ignorant about the subject matter that he chooses to discus or he is not in tone with the reality in Nasarawa State. Going straight to the point, though I understand the interview in question is a sheer and orchestrated propaganda sponsored against the personality of the well respected gentleman Alhaji Umaru Tanko Al-Makura, the Executive Governor of Nasarawa State. Whatever is the case that trigger Hon. Kana’s interview, one can hardly considered him to be a patriot.

Today, in Nasarawa State, the new air of friendliness and sense of belonging being witnessed and enjoyed among the entire people of the state cutting across social, economic and political divides under the purposive and responsive leadership of Governor Umaru Tanko Al-Makura is quite commendable. It is a sign that the government is doing wonderfully well and the people are reciprocating through their unalloyed support for the cause of this people oriented government so far so good.

As a matter of fact, one needs to further enlighten or rather remind Hon. Ishaq Ahmed Kana about a popular adage that said. “He who is living in a glass house should not throw stones”. Thus by example, assuring that his own glass house shall remain safe from stones”. Certainly too, Hon. Kana’s interview in the Dailytrust can be said to be regarded as a “crack in the wall” of unity and brotherly co-existence of CPC members in Nasarawa State as the interviewer want the whole world to believe in his media propaganda  which is highly unfair and must unfortunate of a public office holder. Looking at the unfolding event critically, one can consider Hon. Kana’s view’s as a negation and twisting of the truth in such a way that is capable of fanning the embers of discord, disunity and unprovoked invitation of chaotic atmosphere among the entire peace-loving people of CPC in Nasarawa State by extension Nigeria at large.


It is personate to state that, any serious minded citizen of the state who has been following news trends about the development in the state may agree with me that in recent time  it was widely reported in one of the National Daily’s that majority of CPC supporters, admirers and followers in Keffi/Kokona/Karu Federal Constituency have choose to dump CPC for PDP e-mass because of the ways and manners Hon. Kana’s is treating people with fake and empty promises that have no justification since assumption in office. A situation that has already generated public reaction against Hon. Kana’s propaganda most especially on National Daily’s like the latest which was titled “Keffi Elders Committee disown Kana over comment on Al-Makura” published on page 45 of Thursday, April 22nd, 2013 in Dailytrust Newspaper.

I further observed that Hon. Kana’s is avoiding people because of the little assistance that he suppose to render to the people as a public representative. He has quickly forgotten that a public office is a public trust. Even at that, the question remain where will all of us be today if God keeps avoiding us? No matter the position of authority one assumes in life, it takes a second for God to bring someone down. This is not a course but a truth analysis about leadership for the wise leaders to be aware of these obvious fact because the best is always ahead. It is imperative to ask that what effort has (Hon. Ishaq Ahmed Kana) makes towards building CPC as a party in the state? Virtually, he has done nothing to be show as a score card for building the political party in the state. Therefore, as far as CPC in Nasarawa State is concerned Hon. Ishaq Ahmed Kana is one of the big problems of the party not Governor Umaru Tanko Al-Makura that is always in constant touch with the people of the state.

In-depth study show that there are many problems that Nasarawa State is facing and each an every one of us as a solution to those problems. instead of pointing finger and engage in politics of character assassination that is meaningless. Let us make up our mind to solve those problems as stakeholders that are very concerned about the development of the state.

In all this, should Governor Al-Makura respond to Hon. Kana’s interview? Perhaps he should relax and concentrate in serving humanity selflessly. At present the State is facing a lot of serious problems and challenges to address not engaging in trivial matters that are retrogressive to the development of Nasarawa State.

Interestingly, it is obvious that the Executive Governor of Nasarawa State Umaru Tanko Al-Makura;  acceptability and popularity is waxing stronger in Nasarawa State everyday with enthusiasm and determination to provide more people oriented projects that have direct bearing to the lives of the people. The governor is doing all this because as a political guru one need to implement programmes of action as a meaningful way of saying a big thank you to all the electorates for voting him as a Governor for the sake of Nasarawa State not like Hon. Kana’s who has change in his style of representation as well as adopt new way playing politics. I mean politics of disconnection and disillusioned through misappropriation of our scare resources and above all the old order of politics i.e. the politics of exclusion.

In truth, anyone who has passed through any part of Nasarawa State right from the inception of the present government must have noticed physical changes, new infrastructural facilities and improvement on roads network, water, health, transportation system, education sectors cut across the three senatorial zones’ of the state including the new CPC Party Secretariat in Nasarawa State to mention but a few, that deserves commendation.

In a nutshell, the struggle for Democracy observes; “Democracy is Communication; people talking to one another about their common problems and forging a common destiny in a diplomatic manners and ways. Democracy relies on the cultured, educated and well-informed society (Keeping pace with his own time of course) otherwise, public consciousness and public affairs may become manipulated by various individuals, factions and groups. These manipulations often bring these groups into crisis, authoritarian power, possibly under a pale democratic disguise.

In related sense, citizens of democracy live with the conviction that through the open exchanges of ideas and opinions. The truth will eventually win out over falsehood, areas of compromise more clearly defined, and the path of progress opened. The greater the volume of such exchanges the better.

In view of the forgoing and in order to avoid further misrepresentation and misconception of facts and issues being peddled around by Hon. Ishaq Ahmed Kana and his likes. Therefore, the objective of this write-up is meant to stand in a balance analysis of issues and avoid unnecessary misrepresentation, fault-finding and finger-pointing exercise.

I am passionately appealing on behalf of the Concerned Citizens of Nasarawa State (CCONS) and indeed the entire people of the State to Hon. Ishaq Ahmed Kana and his likes to tender unreserved apology to his Excellency, Alhaji Umaru Tanko Al-Makura, the Executive Governor of Nasarawa State, a personality that  choose peace building as a personal way of  life, as  matter of urgency devoid of any ill-motive by shunning all political and outside pressures which is being alleged for cheap political score in such ways and manners that appear and suggest political rascality  ahead of 2015 elections.

Comrade Idris A. Adamu,


Concerned Citizens of Nasarawa State.

E-mail: [email protected]