RE: Campaign Against ‘Shiite Extremism’ Launched In Lagos


After the brutal Zaria Massacre that killed 1000+ defenseless & unarmed Nigerians in Zaria by the Nigerian Army, the Nigerian government via its various agencies have sponsored paid Advertorials in major Nigerian media outlets against the Islamic Movement of Nigeria ( IMN ) with the sole intention to demonize the IMN and justify the brutal slaughter of innocent Nigerians. Unfortunately for the Nigerian government, Nigerians are enlightened people who demanded for a fair, independent and credible probe into the massacre. A request the Nigerian government has so far fail to provide.

Jude Feranmi
Jude Feranmi

The Nigerian President Buhari recently visited Saudi Arabia and Qatar, the only two countries in the world that has the intolerant #Wahhabism as their official religion. While in Saudi Arabia Buhari publicly declared that Nigeria will not join the fraudulent & suspicious Saudi-led coalition but to the dismay of Nigerians when he returned to Nigeria his handlers quickly arranged an interview with the Qatari – based Al Jazeera for the sole purpose of announcing that Nigeria has joined the Saudi coalition.

Then a pattern started emerging where the Nigerian government begin to sponsor faceless groups with #Christian names and symbols, and the first assignment was a sponsored protest to the #Iranian Embassy in Abuja led by a “Christian cleric”. From our information most of the few people that staged that protest were Christians that were shipped to Abuja from Rivers state in South-South Nigeria.

Then today (08/03/2016) another faceless group under the leadership of one Jude Feranmi called “Nigerians United Against Terrorism” and a hash tag “#KickAgainstShiiteExtremismTerrorism” was launched in Lagos “to discourage extremism in the country”. The fact that it was African Independent Television (AIT), a privately-owned media outfit that is notorious in sponsoring smear campaigns, that broadcasted the launch shows that it was sponsored.

The question to ask here is that where is this Jude Feranmi and his gang when #BokoHaram insurgency is ravaging Nigeria for more than five (5) years now? Within this period the BokoHaram insurgency has killed 30,000+ innocent Nigerians, burnt down towns and villages, abducted 1000s of Nigerian women and girls of which the most famous are the #Chibok girls who are yet to be rescued. Also within this period the BokoHaram insurgency has killed 1000s of Nigerian security forces, burnt down military barracks and Police post and overan military garrisons. When all these killings, burnings and abductions are happening where was Jude Feranmi and his “Nigerians United Against Terrorism”? Are all these not terrorism that all Nigerians should unite against?

Jude Feranmi and his sponsored gang said:”We are also acting to prevent the Shiite Sect from remaining on the path of extremism, we are committed to ensuring that the Shiite Sect is not allow to militarize as being currently pursued by some of its leaders.”

The Islamic Movement of Nigeria ( IMN ) have been in existence for more than 37 years now, it has no single record of killing or harming anyone. The allegations of terrorism and extremism leveled against it are baseless and groundless that are paddle by those who killed 1000+ of its members in Zaria and buried the dead bodies in mass graves. And the choice to remain peaceful was willingly done by the Leader of the IMN, His Eminence Sheikh Ibraheem #Zakzaky, and this choice was not imposed on him by any external factor. He made that choice out of love for his country and its people and his conviction that only through rational reasoning, admonition and good conduct can a call be extended. Even when the former Nigerian government killed 33 members of IMN that included his three (3) biological Sons in 2014 during the AlQuds Day Rally, he called for peace and prohibited even simple protest.

Jude Feranmi and his sponsored gang said:”Do not be disappointed that we do not have any tangible to show you as you would have witnessed at the launch of a new building, product or any other thing with physical attributes.” This confession further proves that they were sponsored by the masterminds and executors of the brutal Zaria massacre. This group does not even have an office, not even a table or a chair yet they want to unite Nigerians against terrorism!

Jude Feranmi and his sponsored gang further claimed that the: “#KickAgainstShiiteExtremismTerrorism is a movement with a campaign to proactively act in manners that ensure extremism is not allowed to grow into full blown terrorism. Social media activists, bloggers and other well-meaning Nigerians committed to safe and united country, drive the campaign.”

With all humility I am a social media activist and a blogger for more than 15 years, I have never heard of the name “Jude Feranmi”. And almost all the known Nigerian bloggers strongly condemned the brutal Zaria massacre with only few exception who had sold their conscience to Aisha Buhari, the wife of Nigerian President who recently organized a “dinner” for social media activists and bloggers.

There are more questions to be ask & answers to these questions will unmask those behind these faceless groups. Why are the sponsors of these faceless groups using Christians and Christian symbols as fronts for these protests? It is important to note that the overwhelming majority of Nigerian Christians strongly condemned the brutal Zaria massacre and showed support to IMN on all social media platforms. The use of people with Christian names to lead these sponsored protests is meant to dent this important understanding that is emerging between the IMN and Nigerian Christians. And the masterminds of the Zaria massacre want to deceive Nigerians that opposition to IMN has a national spread that included Christians and not just the intolerant Wahhabis of Northern Nigeria. And thirdly there are few Nigerian Christians who are #Israeli hirelings in Nigeria.

In conclusion, it stand to reason that Jude Feranmi and his gang if they are truly serious about uniting Nigerians against terrorism they should concentrate their programs and activities on the BokoHaram insurgency and the #IDPs who are in dare need of help and support. And after BokoHaram, there is the more potent threat of #ISIS & #AlQaeda in Nigeria. The Islamic Movement of Nigeria ( IMN ) has always been peaceful and will continue to remain peaceful in all its programs and activities. It is the murderous terrorism that is inspired by the intolerant Wahhabism that destroys lives and all things that are valuable, the IMN have been victim of terrorist attacks on a number of occasions of which valuable lives were lost only save lives and protect all that is valuable.

Harun Elbinawi
[email protected]