Real Live Young Mermaid Captured Alive on Video in South Africa? Do You Believe This?

Lazy eyes listen


This video of a young ‘mermaid’ was allegedly spotted on an unnamed beach in South Africa.

It’s the latest and most vivid such claim.

The ‘mermaid’ had its fins moving and all, with tinged skin and what appeared to be scales.

Some have commented on the mermaid being fashionable perhaps in her human existence and wearing what appears to be synthetic weave:

The government of South Africa has denied knowing of this alleged appearance.

Here is the first video posting of the mermaid by aamircali, a mermaid fanatic:


Real Mermaid Caught in Muizenberg South Africa🧜‍♀️🧜😳🤔

♬ original sound – Aamir Cali