Apr. 14, 2013

ENDS BEST DOCUMENTARY AWARD goes to Jide Olanrewaju’s Naij – A History of Nigeria, the “REAL STORY OF NIGERIA”

As part of the ENDS [Every Nigerian Do Something] project to identify, support and promote positive, proactive and productive behavior and constructive contributions by all Nigerians toward national development and restoration, ENDS will like to announce its award of the 2013 Best Narrative Documentary, to Jide Olanrewaju’s Actualize documentary production, “REAL STORY OF NIGERIA.”

This free documentary published January 11th, 2013 on Youtube, at url: has been recommended for this great award in recognition of its relevance, quality of production and detail.

Naij – A History of Nigeria, a two and a half hour extraordinary piece of work, presents the story of Nigeria, pre-independence till current times, with chronological impartial, systematic delivery of the critical events in the nations history, narrated carefully and clearly by Jide Olanrewaju.


The ENDS BEST DOCUMENTARY award is granted to this documentary, which in comparison to other Nigerian film, movie and feature presentations, actually takes time, with hundreds of hours of work and research invested, to collect, compress, coalesce and process information, still and moving images and documents from Nigeria’s archives, for a perfect finish.

Nigeria is a country that has a very unique and great history, laced with challenges and turbulence, and this story is of most importance in understanding the current political dynamics of not just Nigeria, Africa’s largest nation, but the entire black and world history. Jide presents this story in a way that is relevant and useful for Nigerians and foreigners who wish to appreciate the peculiarities, challenges, obstacles and prowess’s in the building of a new nation.

A nation of 160 million people comprised of over 521 ethnic groups as documented on NigerianWiki, Nigeria is a case to study, and Jide’s documentary is an excellent detailed video study resource.

For the Nigerian, the documentary promotes national pride and consciousness and recognition and cherishing of the skills and roles of individuals who played parts in Nigeria’s history.

An unbiased approach, devoid of criticism, the movie enables the viewer appreciate the ambitious and intelligent nature of the players and spectators in Nigeria’s history, both local and foreign. Jide Olanrewaju DID SOMETHING. Every Nigerian Do Something.

Signed – Dr Peregrino Brimah, this day, the 14th April, 2013

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