Recommending A Full State Of Emergency For Borno State

Borno state Gov. Kashim Shettima


Below we [ENDS] submit a series of reasons from an inexhaustible list which support a vote of no confidence in the current Borno administration and suggest its suspension in the interest of properly tackling the Boko Haram menace.

St. Theresa Church Bomber Arrested In Borno Governor’s Abuja Lodge

January 2012, the kingpin of the Madalla, Christmas day St. Theresa Church bombing that killed more than 40 people, Kabiru Sokoto was arrested in Borno Governor Kashim Shettima’s Abuja State lodge in Asokoro. The very next day, Kabiru Sokoto “escaped” police custody, affirming he was not in the governor’s lodge by accident, but had authentic connections. Reinstated Deputy Police Commissioner Zakari Biu who “coincidentally” hails from Borno State was implicated in his “escape.” Till date, there is no record of Governor Kashim Shettima being investigated in relationship to the arrest and/or escape of this terror suspect.

Shettima’s Deposition Against Himself

In 2013, despite the apparent media war between governor Shettima and his ex boss who Shettima accuses of being Boko Haram sponsor, governor Shettima by his own admission appointed a later arrested and accused Boko Haram sponsor as his chief adviser on “Religious Affairs.”

Junaid Khadi and other suspects
Junaid Khadi and other suspects

“Alhaji Junaid Khadi (Arrested) known to be an associate of Ex-Governor Ali Modu Sheriff. It was Sheriff as Governor of Borno State that first appointed Khadi in 2010 as one of his Special Advisers without known designation given the fact most advisers under Sheriff as Governor, had no clear jurisdiction. When Shettima succeeded Sheriff as Governor in 2011, he appointed his advisers without Khadi. Sheriff persistently requested that Shettima appoint Khadi as an Adviser in charge of Religious Affairs which Shettima later accepted in 2013, two years after other Advisers were already in office.” – Shettima media office, December 16, 2014.

Note: Late Boko Haram founder, Mohammed Yusuf’s disciple, Buji Foi was similarly appointed Religious Affairs Commissioner by Shettima’s former boss, ex-Borno governor Ali Modu Sheriff.

“Sheriff became Governor and made Buji Foi, a Yusuf disciple, Religious Affairs Commissioner and through this channel provided funds to Yusuf.  Yusuf used the money to organize micro-credit that gave his disciples capital to set up businesses and they in turn provided financial support to Boko Haram, which then bought arms from Chad. Yusuf’s father-in-law, Baba Fugu, was the supplier.” – World Watch Monitor, October 18, 2014.

Governor’s Chairman, Now Rep Member Kadiri Rahis, A Serially Indicted Terrorist

Alhaji Kadiri Rahis
Alhaji Kadiri Rahis

Kadiri Rahis, a popularly known thug, accused of various terrorist activities such as the Post office bombing and assassination of various politicians and used to bribe his ways out of custody and get extenuated with the help of Kashim Shettima has been Kashim Shettima’s anointed four times CTC Chairman of MMC and is now a House of Reps member for the State. – Babakaka Kalli Habib.

Borno Youth Pursued Shettima’s Party Chairman, Mala Othman For Boko Haram Sponsorship

In July 2013, a period Nigeria had an upper hand on Boko Haram, empowered Civilian-JTF youth went after the recognized sponsors. Chairman of governor Shettima’s then party, ANPP was one. He narrowly escaped, whisked away and protected by the Joint Task Force, JTF and then moved to safety with Jonathan in Abuja as youth set his home ablaze.

“This is not the first time Mala Othman has been on the run for his alleged possession and supply of arms and ammunition to terrorists. ‘In fact, during that period, Othman had to flee from the state to unknown destination for almost eight months to avoid being arrested.’ One of the youths said: ‘We knew most of the members of Boko Haram sect and their families. We have vowed to ensure that Othman and Sherriff will never escape arrest as we have evidence that they have been supplying firearms to terrorists in the state.’” – National Mirror, July 02, 2013.

Ali Modu Sheriff had at the time called on Governor Kashim Shettima to “cut short his trip to China” to get Mala Othman released from JTF protective custody.

Former Borno Governor, Fani-Kayode Accused Shettima Of Hand In Assassination Of 2011 ANPP Governorship Primaries Winner

Governor Shettima’s former boss, Ali Modu Sheriff and PDP spokesman, Femi Fani-Kayode have for some reason accused Borno governor Shettima’s administration of having a hand in the assassination of the winner of the initial 2011 party primaries.

“Former Governor Ali Modu Sheriff and leader of PDP in Borno State yesterday accused some prominent officials of the present administration in the state and their associates (names withheld) of allegedly conniving to kill the man who would have succeeded him in office, Alhaji Modu Fannami Gubio in 2011. Gubio, who was elected the governorship candidate of the defunct All Nigeria People’s Party, ANPP, was killed shortly afterwards by unknown people (paving the way for Shettima).” – First Africa News, February 13th, 2015.

Shettima defended himself of the accusations.

There is no evidence of investigation into these accusations against the Borno administration.

Admission Of Concealing Boko Haram Sponsors

In 2014 on at least two occasions captured on Video, governor Kashim Shettima publicly proclaimed about Boko Haram sponsors that he was keeping mute for their (?elite/politicians/military bosses) heads not to roll.

“Leadership calls for restraint. Believe me, if I should speak, heads will roll.” – Governor Shettima, Today, May 13, 2014.

He is yet to be made to speak.

shettima heads roll

Impoverishment of the State, corruption and lack of commitment to supporting reasonable counter-terror initiatives are other reasons among too many to discuss here. Presumably, bad advisers and influencers and a lack of ideas are part of the problems with the Borno government.

In 2013, while we, as part of a think-tank, recommended the aggressive deployment of troops and State of Emergency then President Jonathan went on to order which rescued 20 conquered local governments from Boko Haram, we emphasized the need for the State of Emergency to be full, with the suspension of the northeast State administrators

We repeat this prescription. A Military administrator should immediately be assigned to Borno while Governor Kashim Shettima is suspended and investigated. Nigeria cannot win the war against Boko Haram with a compromised State administration.

Dr. Peregrino Brimah; [Every Nigerian Do Something] Email: [email protected] Twitter: @EveryNigerian