Regime change needed in Israel and Palestine – Clinton

Lazy eyes listen


Both Israelis and Palestinians would require new leadership if they were to reach an agreement, Hillary Clinton said on Thursday.

The former first lady of the United States, senator, secretary of state, and 2016 presidential candidate spoke via video link at the Bloomberg New Economy Forum in Singapore.

“Hamas is not a partner for any kind of peace or two-state solution,” Clinton told Bloomberg’s John Micklethwait. She went on to say that peace could be achieved by the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank and whoever controls Gaza after the war with Israel.

“I don’t think there is any evidence of that,” Clinton said when asked about Netanyahu’s willingness to negotiate a two-state solution. I believe the Israeli people will have to make a decision.

Clinton also addressed the possibility of a ceasefire in Gaza, saying that it would “freeze the situation in Hamas’ favour” and thus would be unlikely to be accepted by Israel. She added that Netanyahu might be willing to accept “humanitarian pauses” in order for aid to reach civilians in Gaza and Hamas to release hostages taken in the October 7 attacks.

According to Clinton, President Joe Biden will find it “challenging” to get Congress to approve a funding package for both Israel and Ukraine, but it is possible with “tough negotiations.” The Democrat-majority Senate has blocked the Republican-majority House bill that only funded Israel, instead preferring the White House proposal that combined the two – along with funding for Taiwan and immigration – for $106 billion.