Reminder Of The PDP Governor Sponsors Of Boko Haram According To Vanguard

  • Beware of PDP!

by IG Wala

Our aim is not build a strong opposition, we are out to build a very strong and dependable institutions of Governance. Make no mistake, this is what PDP failed to understand. Any form of leadership for the people, must be people driven, such is the wisdom behind the successful outings from all the APC platforms across the country.

AZAZI-PDPTherefore, do not sympathize with any sitting Governor that is in PDP, vote him out immediately. Do not forget that these Governors have given all the necessary support to the Jonathan’s Administration. For example, the PDP Governors in Gombe, Bauchi, etc did nothing bring to an end the killings of their people. In fact, at some point in time, they were sending huge sums of money to Boko Haram. See information below:

“The Boko Haram sect has cited the stoppage of its monthly financial support for the recent attacks on northern states, claiming that the group was until recently being bankrolled by some northern governors….”

….An unnamed high ranking official of the group alleged that the Ibrahim Shekarau administration in Kano made a monthly N10 million donation to the group while the Bauchi Governor, Alhaji Isa Yuguda besides financial commitments was also an admirer of the military prowess of the group.” – Vanguard Januuary 24 2012


The PDP Governors in the North East alongside the President only escalated the Boko Haram situation by folding their hands. They watched citizens died, rendered homeless and our economy crippled. Do not in anyway make the mistake of voting for them, let them give way to the new government.