Reps Find A Third Private Jet With Diezani, Jonathan’s In-law

Mar. 27, 2014


Nigeria’s house of Reps have uncovered a third private jet chartered by the Minister of oil, Diezani Allison-Madueke. This adds to two jets she is being investigated on which gulp Nigeria’s money to the tune of millions of dollars. Meanwhile the Representatives have reacted that they are under serious pressure, receiving persistent phone-calls from big wig cabals who are pressuring them to take it easy with the corrupt, greedy Minister.

Nigerians have been protesting asking where their missing 20 billion dollars is, revealed to have not been remitted to the nations account by the NNPC. While millions of Nigerians live under a dollar a day, the oil Minister has at least three exorbitant private jets she uses to ferry herself and her family.

A recent article revealed that the ‘almighty’ oil Minister is related to the president; who married her cousin as a second wife, not declared to the public at the time of his oath, and has two children with her. The president is also alleged to have a relationship with Diezani herself.

As this happens, there is an artificial fuel scarcity causing pain at the pump. The artificial scarcity is believed to be the work of the Minister who wishes to remove the fuel subsidy to increase the cost of fuel for Nigerians. The scarcity is also understood to be inflicted intentionally to pave a path for the Minister and president to sell Nigeria’s refineries to their cronies.

More protests are expected in the nation today as the Joint Action Front, JAF has called on Nigerians at home and abroad to protest the recent Immigration recruitment deadly scam and other crises affecting the oil rich nation.