Rohogi Residents in Kaduna Urge Govt To Construct Borehole, To Save them from Risks of Drinking Dirty Water


Resident of Rohogi community in Igabi local Government of Kaduna state,North-western Nigeria has called on the state Governor Mallam Nasir El-rufai to assist them in constructing borehole, and provide other means of accessing clean water,so as to saves them from drinking contaminated water in their environment.

Mallam Adamu sani ,one of the resident in the area told news men, that for many years ,they have been facing serious challenges of getting clean water which forces them to be moving from one place to another in the search of water.

Adamu said ,”as you can see for yourself ,this is the water we are using daily in feeding our animals and washing our cloths and sometimes if we want to drink good water, we have to travel very far away distance ,in other get the good one to drink, so as to protect our children from all forms of water diseases.

Another resident in the area Danladi Baba,says during dry season, many people living in the area always faces serious challenges of assessing fresh water.

Baba further added that,we are begging on state and federal government to come to our rescue, also calling on all the wealthy individual in Nigeria to remember people living in the village.

“our Children and Adult need clean water to survived, they also need better live like every good citizens in the country.”

Lack of social amenities is the mean factor forcing large number of village youth migrating to town.

While interview some of the cattle breeders in the area,some of them make mansion that climate change is one of the responsible factors that is forcing migration from northern Nigeria to eastern part of the country in the search of greener pasture for their Animals.

But in an interview with an expert on Environment in Nigeria Mallam Hassan Wamban jamaa from a non Governmental organization, salin green. Every day millions of people in Africa, usually women and girls, walk miles to have access to any water at all. The length of time it takes to collect the little water they can get means that they do not have time to do anything else during the day. Children do not get the chance to have an education simply because they are too busy collecting water.

Hassan said Communities are affected by a lack of water because crops will not grow and so food becomes scarce. With no water, villages become dirty and unhygienic, increasing the risks of disease spreading.

Hassan concluded by calling on Government to help in constructing more bore-holes for the villagers,while appealing to resident to also think of digging a little well in the area,so as to saves their children from moving to a far away distance in the search of clean water.