Saraki Still Received His Crooked Pension Payments This 2017 Till Protests


Kwara Must Change has been reliably informed that the claims of the
Kwara State government, on the controversial pension of the Senate
President, Bukola saraki is false and out rightly misleading.

Contrary to the claims of the Secretary to State Government, Mr Isiaka
Gold, which claimed that Mr Saraki has stopped receiving pension, a
reliable source within the Kwara State Ministry of Finance has
revealed that Mr Saraki still receiving pension from the state

According to the source, it is not true that Mr Saraki has stopped
receiving pension since 2015. It is also not true that Mr Saraki has
refunded the pension he already received.

The source maintained that, there is no way the Senate President would
stop receiving pension since 2015 and his account will still be
credited in 2017. He alleged that to the best of his knowledge, Mr
Saraki’s account was still credited this year.

The source went further to reveal that, apart from normal pension
received by the Senate president, Mr Saraki also frequently make
request for payment, which is usually granted, without any known
reason or project. He noted that this dealings involving Mr Saraki is
usually handled directly by the Commissioner of Finance.

He added further that, the fact that even the commissioner of finance
said he doesn’t know the so called amount refunded by Mr Saraki goes
to show that nothing like that ever happened. At least, not to their

By this revelation, it has become obvious that the Kwara State
government is taking the people for granted and conniving to deceive
them, which is highly disappointing. While it is true that we may not
be able to confirm the allegation, this truly call for further

But as a group, Kwara Must Change is giving them the benefits of doubt
to prove their claim or retract their misinformation.

Specifically, If the Kwara State government truly wants the public to
take them seriously on this claim, they should tell us the amount
returned by My Saraki, the date of the refund and the account in which
the funds were returned.

Additionally, we also request that Mr Saraki should publish his
statement of account between 2014 till date, so we can carefully
scrutinize the entry and exit of funds from the account. Failure to do
so will imply that both the state government and Mr Saraki are both

We strongly believe that, when ever a new government emerges in Kwara
State, which is not affiliated to Mr Saraki, that’s when we would
truly know the true state of things in the state.