Saudi Arabia Launches “2017, the Year of Entertainment”


CINEMA, concerts and the 2017 calendar of the General Entertainment Authority, among other matters, were the subjects that were discussed in an interview with the CEO of the General Authority for Entertainment, Amr Al-Madani, who confirmed that 2017 will be the year of entertainment for the Saudis.

He pointed out that the goal of the entertainment authority is to give the Saudi citizens further reasons to stay in the Kingdom, and enjoy the rich entertainment environment.

The entertainment calendar will be launched by January-end, Al-Madani said. “We would like to call this year the ‘Year of the entertainment’. Our goal is to offer a variety of events, giving the citizen opportunities to enjoy and have good memories with the family. We aim to pave the way for a positive and attractive environment. We are also working on targeting investors. We would like to offer clear and transparent laws, in addition to excellent services. If the relations with the investors are established on good terms, we will definitely pave the way for a new economic sector, i.e. ‘entertainment,’” he said. Read full