Saudi’s Snakish Prince MbS ‘Lied’ To Trump That Saudi Intel Found Plot Against US From 6 Banned Muslim Countries

Financial Times

American media were rather muted about last week’s visit to Washington by Saudi Arabia’s Deputy Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman. They were unswayed by the juicy tidbit in the official statement reporting that the man known as MbS told President Donald Trump that Saudi intelligence “confirms … the existence of a plot against the United States of America that had been planned” in the six countries whose citizens had just been banned from entering the country.

Nor were they moved by the effusiveness of an anonymous Saudi “senior advisor” who lauded the Oval Office meeting and luncheon with Trump as a “huge success,” “a historic turning point,” and “a significant shift in relations.”

The statement went on to describe “President Trump’s great understanding of the importance of relations” and “his clear sight of problems in the region.” Read full in FT