The Second Round Of Goodluck Vs Buhari: A Source Of Apprehension, By Dr Ahmad Gumi

Sheikh Gumi

Nigeria is in such a deplorably inflamed state of insecurity and mutual mistrust between different segments of the society that doesn’t require another dirty second round of GOODLUCK vs BUHARI. In fact that will cause another severe ‘political anaphylaxis’ that can lead to shock and ultimate death of the nation we all aspire to live in… peace with. 

Before you start gasping for air in shock or disappointment – the usual reaction from fanatical followers of men and not reason- let me categorically say I am not a fan of any politician nor am I partisan. I know politicians have double personalities. The public image and the true one. My interest is that the nation should heal and my Islam should have it’s proper place in the fabric of its adherents not being framed, maligned or misrepresented. 

Neither Goodluck nor Buhari solicited for my views or counsel before showing their ambition to contest for the presidency this time. Each has his own political advisers and praise singers from across the nation. This puts me at the same length from the two, obliging me to do what I believe is right. I feel it is time we blow the referee’s whistle to end the fight before it starts.

Let us be frank with ourselves, GOODLUCK VS BUHARI is going to be a war of two extreme poles. This polarized situation is what should be avoided at all cost. Whether Goodluck likes to hear it or not, he is seen by most Muslim masses in Nigeria as the most pro-Christian president. The CAN and the wealthy jet trotting pastors the nation is shocked with have never had it better. This has tainted PDP as a CAN party. For that most Christians will still vote for Jonathan despite the deplorable state of the nation and gross misgovernance from share recklessness and incapacity. He is still better to them than Buhari.

On the other hand, Buhari’s popularity surged to messianic peak among the ordinary northern Muslims not because of his incorruptible ascetic-like qualities but the day he debunked the Atiku’s ‘back to status quo’ declaration during the heated Sharia and Anti-Sharia debacle of Zamfara’s Sharia reintroduction. This same reason, Christians are still not comfortable with him. 

My fear here is that what Buhari did was the right thing and should never regret it even if it cost him his presidency. That is his most pleasurable achievement to Allah for standing against for his own faith being tarnished and politicized. The moment he stands for the presidency he has two options, lose the Christian votes or dilute his Islamic credentials by going extra miles to prove he is not an islamist which they all know he is not.

Buhari’s candidature will unite the Christians against him and Goodluck’s candidature will unite the Muslims against him. This is the time bomb that will only probably benefit Good luck. He either continue to force his way or disintegrate the country. A win-win situation for him and his Niger Delta kinsmen.

In his four years, from day one, Goodluck knew that for him to have any chance is to use the religious and regional card. Framing northern politicians for the 2010 first Abuja MEND bombings. The government sponsored SNC which later metamorphosed to National Conference in a bid to change the constitution back door, allowing him for a third term. The other option is to create an artificial war using the security outfits he has commandeered with his kinsmen so that at least the constitutional provision of cancelling elections will give him another two good years to finish up his clandestine plans he has for northern Nigeria.

Even if Goodluck will be declared the winner, its unlikely the supreme court will not overturn his ‘victory’ as being sworn the third time which is a clear breach of the constitution. On this straw of hope which he knows and the northern politicians that are silently crawling behind him also want to make a ladder to the presidency. 

Its only now the PDP and APC as political parties that can salvage Nigeria. The PDP should field any candidate other than Goodluck. His luck has expired. The APC should field any other candidate other than Buhari. His time has expired. The natural thing to do when there is an allergic reaction is to avoid the allergens. Good luck is an allergen to Northern Muslims and Buhari is an allergen to Christians. Can’t we be treated with non-allergens? PDP and APC please think twice! 

Finally what disqualifies the two is their recalcitrance. It’s a popular view that nobody can approach them with what they don’t want to hear. The 18 page open letter by a political mentor confirms it. I heard reliably through the grapevines Goodluck saying: ‘people think he is ‘mumu’, he will give out power to another person’. He has forgotten only great leaders do that for peace, stability and tranquility. He is definitely not one, and that is what further disqualifies him. Buhari also cannot be advised. That is legendary. He believes in himself only. So if before ascending to power, he is unapproachable, when he gets power he will just turn into another Pharaoh as nobody has the monopoly of wisdom and no man is indispensable.
If the two, will mutually step down for completely different people, then please spread the good tidings for a peaceful Nigeria. Otherwise we pray for God’s indulgence.

May Allah decree what is good for us. Amin.