SEE Picture Of Boko Haram ‘Babes’ Disguised Coward Terrorist Men Caught At #Baga


Boko Haram are cowards. The minute the Nigerian government decided to fight them because Jonathan was going to lose the elections, the true nature of the Boko Haram terrorists came out. Now we know that all this while, they have been a very weak and cheap foe. No wonder Civilian-JTF always defeat them with mere sticks and stones.

See them jumping into Lake Chad and drowning to death because of mere bombs.

See also haw the latest report shows them dressing as babes like that Asari-Dokubo’s friend in Kaduna, accused of bombing Buhari, because they are too cowardly and cannot fight to finish. These Boko Haram ‘babes’ are being caught in that very Baga where they committed their Holocaust, massacring up to 3000 in the Muslim community. Thank God for elections.