SERAP Goofs On Request For UN Boko Haram Sanctions?

May 12, 2014


May 11th, Socio-Economic Rights and Accountability Project (SERAP) urged the UN Security Council to “move swiftly to impose targeted sanctions against Boko Haram and their backers to end persistent attacks against children and other civilians.”

The request was carried by major cable networks including AP and local media.

Since NewsRescue editorial board read the request, we have pondered the meaning of it. What does “targeted sanctions against Boko Haram” mean? We do understand what sanctions against the Nigerian government and the government protected sponsors of Boko Haram refers to; as requested May 7th by ENDS NGO, however it is hard to relate with “sanctions against Boko Haram.” See: Re: UN Sanctions And Resolutions Against Nigerian Officials- ENDS

Boko Haram is an underground terrorist informal organisation and association of criminal bandits. The operatives are akin to robbery bandits. UN listing of this group as a terrorist organisation is a meaningful request and expectation. But UN sanctions, this is either a statement in error or an attempt to confuse and possibly prevent real and necessary action against Boko Haram, their sponsors and the Nigerian government caught complicit in terror.

We believe international sanctions target and compel States to act and address issues which could include internal security failures like the continued permissiveness to Boko Haram terror as obtains in Nigeria. Hence the sanctions are directed at the government who are hence pushed to act on illegal and illegitimate operators within their territory.

We would appreciate if SERAP can give a full release on what “targeted sanctions against Boko Haram” means.