“We Are Serving The Same Master,” Interrogated Boko Haram Terrorist Says



Reports from Adamawa: a captured Boko Haram terrorist was reported to have told an interrogating officer today, that “we are serving the same master.”

His statement was taken to mean that the same government officials who employ the Nigerian army members also employ Boko Haram terrorists. This is just one more of increasing evidences implicating the nation’s leadership in the terror crises ravaging the nation, most especially in the northeastern “opposition” stronghold states.

A recent ceasefire declared by the Nigerian government that deliberately allowed Boko Haram regroup and conquer much territory in the northeast is part of recent events that point to government clandestine support for the terror organization.

The clamping down and arrest of the head hunter, Sarkin Baka Adamawa who lead Ibn Fadlallah vigilantes to recover Maiha and Mubi also points to Federal government desperate desires to promote terror in the affected states.

Another piece of most damning evidence was our exclusive report of a recently crashed helicopter that had two white men and two Nigerian army officers and was carrying 6 boxes of about 6 million dollars and arms and ammunition. Eyewitnesses said the occupants of the helicopter immediately ordered it burnt with the millions of dollars in it. It is believed this money and arms was supplies for Boko Haram.

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