Several people taken hostage in Netherlands

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A number of people have been taken hostage by an unknown man at a cafe in the Dutch town of Ede, local media and authorities have reported.

Local police confirmed on Saturday that there is “a hostage situation involving several people is underway in a building in the center” of the town, which is located some 80km east from Amsterdam. Local daily Algemeen Dagblad described the suspect as a “confused man” who is holding up visitors in a bar.

Officials also said that an evacuation of approximately 150 homes in the area is now underway. The police also issued an advisory telling residents “to stay away from the center of Ede.” “Stay inside and don’t come and watch,” the agency said, stressing that “at this time, there is no indication of a terrorist motive.

Algemeen Dagblad suggested that the hostages are being held “at the threat of explosives or weapons,” with other reports noting that the suspect could be wielding a knife. The police have said that several special services had arrived at the scene.

Unverified clips circulating on social media appear to show a heavy law enforcement presence in the area, including a heavy armored vehicle and a slow-moving mine-clearance robot.

The police later said that three hostages had been released as videos on social media show three young people leaving the bar while being escorted by law enforcement operatives. However, the agency said that “the situation is not over yet.”