Shekau Video Agenda: Newest Sham Group Pushes For Amnesty For Boko Haram

Shekau retirement video with ISIS flag behind him


Following a video by Boko Haram’s “Shekau,” a new mushroom “group,” that calls itself,Coalition for Women Advancement in Africa (COWAA)” has again emerged pushing a peculiar agenda possibly on behalf of state governing agencies.

The “group” which has hitherto been nonexistent made a speech that got published in mainstream media, which points to its being government facilitated.

In the Press conference by “group” leader Mrs Jummai Pukat, the so-called group said it had conducted forensic studies on the latest Shekau video and “found it to be authentic.” The group then went further to praise the military behind words and then injected its agenda request for an amnesty for the terrorists.

“We reiterate our position that Amnesty should be granted to those who were forcefully indoctrinated into the movement while those who wish to remain on are treated as mere criminals by the Nigerian Army.”

The pattern was clear.

Of late so-many pseudo groups that are amazingly well funded and granted full media coverage have been popping up to defend Nigerian authorities and push government agenda. This “group” fits that category.

Why the government may wish for an amnesty for these terrorists is left for them to explain. The Boko Haram Takfiri group has continued to get a kid-glove treatment by Nigeria’s successive administrations.

NewsRescue earlier analysed the latest video and observed that as Shekau has sworn allegiance to ISIS, his retirement speech was ordered from above because ISIS no longer saw the need to terrorize Nigeria possibly because ISIS’ #1 enemy, Shia Muslims are already being fully extinguished by the Nigerian Federal government.