SHOCKING: 11 Nigerian Soldiers Slump During Inauguration Parade

Nigeria's Chief or Army, Kenneth Minimah


The deplorable state of the Nigerian army was again showcased Friday during the inauguration as as many as eleven soldiers waiting to display their marching skills slumped and fainted before the parade.

Ambulances kept coming to take away the collapsed soldiers.

The soldiers claimed they had been up practicing all night but this was a flimsy excuse. Under army chief Kenneth Minimah and CDS Alex Badeh, who are both too fat for service, it is apparent the Nigerian military is at its worst form. The failure to tackle Boko Haram is no surprise.

President Buhari, Nigeria’s new president has promised he is moving the lazy army command to Borno, heart of Boko Haram until they defeat the crisis. The reason for this is clear. Nigeria’s army chiefs have even been accused by experts and terrorist negotiators of being Boko Haram sponsors.

The temperature was cool during the occasion, between 25-27 degrees centigrade, 72-76 F.