#SorryLosers: New Yorkers, Chicagoans Protest Donald Trump’s Victory [VIDEOS]

Protesters occupying New York main street
  • The Sanders Rebellion takes to streets


Unable to deal with the electoral loss, pro Hillary supporters are protesting i Democratic-majority cities like New York and Chicago.

The New York protest in promoted by “Socialist Advantage” are not only protesting against the Donald Trump victory but also against the Democratic party which it claims has an elite cabal who gave them a wrong candidate by rigging in Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders who could have easily defeated Donald Trump.

Clinton partnership with terror-linked Arab leaders
Clinton partnership with terror-linked Arab leaders

Republican president-elect Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton in a sweeping victory to clinch the 45th presidency. He also defeated the entire global elute establishment, the main stream corporate media and billionaire Arab government who sponsored the Clinton campaign.