South China Sea: Nigerian Scientist Chides UN, US

By Akanimo Sampson,
Port Harcourt

AGENCIES of the United Nations (UN), and the United States of America (US), have come under severe criticism for their alleged unwholesome roles in stoking the fire in South China Sea.

A British trained social scientist, who leads the Kuu Lam Chee Brotherhood, an order of avatars and robe travellers, Chief Nwankwo Nnabuchi, told this reporter in an exclusive interview in Awka, the Anambra State capital in Eastern Nigeria, that the West and some critical UN agencies are not doing much to sustain global peace.

According to him, ”the US intervention in South China sea is seen as an exercise of military might, and certainly not to further the cause of world peace. It is an irony that all international organs of the UN are skewed in favour of the West. It is therefore not likely that the International Arbitration Tribunal would roll-out a verdict in favour of China, who is on the other side of the West”.

Nnabuchi also took on China, saying on the issue of consistency in maintaining peaceful borders with their neighbours, China’s role is questionable. South Korea is yet to conclude coastal boundaries with China.

”South China Sea is another area of hot contention. If China was not the first country to start reclamation, then whoever started the move as well as those that condoned the act ab-initio cannot turn back to blame China. However, China as the engine room of the continent of Asia ought to apply subtle diplomacy to address the issue. She is expected to settle all outstanding border issues with India, before Nature can include her as one of the tripods of world peace”, he said.

China has a population of 1.4 billion people, with $11 trillion GDP and annual military budget of $215 billion. She is the second largest economy, only behind US. As the biggest country as well as a permanent member of UN Security Council, China, no doubt, is a very important nation in the world.

Apart from these credentials, China has made tremendous progress in technology, hi-tech development, and new weapons including hypersonic ballistic missiles capable of delivering nuclear warheads to any part of the world within 30 minutes, space technology and heavy engineering capabilities.

In his analysis of the situation, Nnabuchi argued that since the end of the 2nd World War, China went to war against India, and backed North Korea and Vietnam in their wars against US.

”Regrettably, while US colonised South Korea, China could not carry North Korea along, especially on security matters. North Korea’s attempt to fend for herself has put the Korean Peninsula in a very complex situation militarily.

”If China adheres strictly to UN Security Council sanction resolutions on North Korea, she may likely be a failed state, and this development may be more difficult for China to manage. Unfortunately, China failed to follow the footprints of Russia in insisting on a more humane approach to lessen the effect on the poor masses of the country when sanctions were being drafted.

”De-nuclearisation of Korean Peninsula as being demanded by US allies [Japan and South Korea] is not a viable option. North Korea is already a nuclear armed state. If China and US [two most powerful permanent members of the Security Council] are being fingered as being contributory for either Pakistan or Israel nuclear armament they are not likely to be on the side of Nature on the issue of North Korea.

”In terms of safety of nuclear bombs, is Pakistan safer than North Korea? The only difference is that US is an ally of Pakistan but an enemy of North Korea. If US is unwilling to stop annual drills with South Korea, possibly with ballistic missiles armed with nuclear warheads, US lacks the blessing of Nature in determining the system North Korea shall use to defend her sovereignty.

”If US nuclear arsenals, High Altitude Missile Defence System and other strategic weapons are in South Korea, US lacks both moral and spiritual right to dictate to North Korea defence options necessary for her security”.

Continuing, he said despite South Korea’s and Chinese commercial proximity and inter connectivity, ”South Korea has granted permission to US to install the most advanced defense system which not only goes beyond the security requirement of South Korea but encroaches and tampers with both Russian and Chinese security.

”Again, this is an indication that the main goal of all the drills and defence shield in the Korean Peninsula may have a wider aggressive connotation and possibly a rehearsal of the invasion of China or Russia or both. If US wants North Korea to give up her nuclear weapons, US should withdraw from South Korea and discontinue joint military drills in the Korea peninsula. China, Russia and Japan are strong enough to broker final settlement of the Korean crisis.

”As a permanent member of the Security Council, China is known not only to be keeping to the letter all the resolutions of the Council but also does not interfere in the internal affairs of sovereign nations. However, the inner forces that shape the affairs of the world expect her, henceforth, to minimize boundary disputes with her neighbours