#StandForAlmajiri: ENDS Challenges YOU To Host Almajiris For Lunch This Eid


The first time we organized an Eid Sallah party for Almajiris, we did not know how gratifying it would feel. Since then we have continued, thanks to God, to host Almajiris to bigger and smaller Eid parties.

Do you know that many of these abandoned boys do not have any food to break their fast with and on Eid day, have no party or meal but end up begging even on that special day?

This time it’s time for you to be part of the AlmajiriProject.com. It’s time for you to join us in enjoying the gratifying feeling of hosting the truly needy and rejected by society to a home cooked meal.

Wherever you are we invite you to organize cooler’s of food, boxes of drinks and visit a near-by Almajiri quarters and host these children to a grand meal this Sallah. Send us the pictures with twitter hashtag #StandForAlmajiri

Join us (ENDS.ng) on the AlmajiriProject.com and #StandForAlmajiri! They deserve a better life.

Message from Mohammed Sabo Keana, @CitizenMohammed and Dr. Peregrino Brimah @EveryNigerian; Contact [email protected]

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