An Emir’s Son Shot His House Servant In Kaduna


by Alhassan Haruna Danbatta,

We just received an un-independently confirmed report about a lady shot by one Jamilu (Barden Kano) and the son of the Emir of Dawakin Tofa in Kano state, who is widely known as ‘Dan Adala’.

Jamilu was alleged to have shot Ummah Kursum, whom was a designated servant in one of Jamilu house in Barnawa, Kaduna State on the 25\6\2016, at 1:00pm.

From the schedules of her work at Jamilu house, includes being a Nanny to one of Jamilu new born daughter and Ummah Kursum has been diligent in her work only for that faithful day when she was shot without any provocation.

The new born baby was alleged to have woken up with a loud cry from her sleep, typical of a new born child, but Jamilu did not take it lightly as he was alleged to have came down with a gun and shot at Ummah Kursum the house servant four times.

She sustained four gun shot wounds in various parts of her body and was rushed to the Sanjarad hospital, situated at Kakuri express way Kaduna.

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Jamilu subsequently used the Hakimi of Barnawa to cover up his heinous crime and the Hakimi of Barnawa used his influence to call on the parents of Ummah Kursum to leave the issue to rest, he further insisted that if they report the issue to the authority, he will make them suffer for it. The parents who are poor citizens could not make the mistakes to report it as they know of the fury the Hakimi of Barnawa to use on his subjects in matters that interest him.

This issue was raised by one M.B. Comrade Muhammad with a phone number number 08023866125. I personally spoke with him and have indicated his resolve to expose and pursue the issue for justice to be done to Ummah Kursum who have been bed ridden by the wicked bullets of Jamilu the untouchable.

Together with this report are the graphic pictures of the terrible and avoidable incidence shared by  M.b. Comrade Muhammad through his Facebook account, an issue which may have dwindle if cautions have been observed.

M.B. Comrade Muhammad further welcome the authorities to contact him through his phone number and he insisted on taking them to the hospital where Ummah Kursum lies helpless.

Comrade Alhassan Haruna Danbatta.
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