#FreedomFries: George Bush Blasted As Baghdad Bombed


As Baghdad once again fell under the axe of unrelenting terror which has been the bane of Iraq since the US George Bush led invasion and toppling of Saddam, the former President has come under fire for his actions. At least 125 died in the most recent Daesh terror attack on fasting Muslims at the Madi popular mall.

A twitter commentator James Wagner derided, “Recalling ‘freedom fries’ today how did all that work out (for other than rich and powerful, who made/still make fortunes from it)?”

In 2003, when France opposed going to war in Iraq, the U.S. decided for its House of Representatives’ cafeterias to stop serving French fries. They fries were renamed “freedom fries.

The deadly Iraq mess has been the failure of US policy cutting across from Republican to Democratic sides. Bush, Cheney, Obama and Hilary Clinton’s failures are to blame for the mess that is Iraq and the Middle East.