Summon British High Commissioner To Declare #RadioBiafra A Terror Organisation, CUPS Writes Buhari

Editor’s noteIdris Ahmed, president and founder of CUPS (Citizens United for Peace and Security), writes open letter to President Muhammadu Buhari, sharing his views on why it’s high time to shut down Radio Biafra.

Why Radio Biafra is a terrorist organisation

As you might have been briefed by the National Intelligence Agency (NIA), the State Security Service (SSS), and the Defence Intelligence Agency (DIA), to the effect that Radio Biafra operating under the aegis of Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) is a terrorist organisation, whose sole aim is to cause civil disorder and the eventual disintegration of Nigeria, we write you on this matter of grave national importance.

Listen to chilling clips from Radio Biafra broadcasts

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Your Excellency, it is rather unfortunate and regrettable that some fellow Nigerians are so disenfranchised, such that their capacity for common sense reasoning seems to have gone obsolete. Otherwise, how does one explain this bizarre phenomenon whereby a criminal with zero ideology and twisted morals, like the proprietor of Radio Biafra, can have a following of any description in Nigeria?

Radio Biafra broadcasts cause civil unrest

Today, Radio Biafra broadcasts lies, abuse, and hatred, with a view to causing civil unrest and eventual destruction of Nigeria. Cursing Nigerian leaders, calling Nigeria a “zoo” and Nigerians as “animals” is nothing but provocation and grandeur treachery. The attempts so far made by the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) to jam the treacherous Radio Biafra have not been successful. In any case, we are of the view that jamming the pirate station is like taking medicine to cure the symptoms of an illness, rather than curing the root cause of the illness itself.

The British Police and MI5 cannot deny knowledge of the threats posed to the corporate existence of Nigeria by this pirate radio station and its criminal proprietors. We have already witnessed senseless demonstrations and riots in certain states in the South South and South East. We have also heard how enemies of the Nigerian state, who brought us misery, death, and destruction over the last sixteen years are already taking advantage of this volatile situation to cause even more confusion among the population.

 It is better to deal with pirate station decisively

Your Excellency, we at CUPS contend that it is better to deal with this matter decisively while it is in infancy, before things get out of order. We strongly believe that following diplomatic channels to shut down Radio Biafra is the most effective solution under the current circumstances.

To this end, it is our humble opinion, your Excellency, that you summon the British High Commissioner in Abuja to make Nigeria’s stand clear on the matter. Nigeria’s stand on IPOB and Biafra is no different to Britain’s stand on dealing with the Irish Republican Army (IRA), and its stand on Scottish independence from the United Kingdom.

Your Excellency, Nigeria is a major diplomatic and trading partner with Britain. This strategic relationship can be brought to bear, in order to bring this matter to an amicable conclusion.

May God Save Nigeria and Nigerians. Amen.