List Of Terrorism Charges Against Arrested Radio Biafra Leader Nnamdi Kanu

Nnamdi Kanu, Radio Biafra, in Queen's England


Below is a list of some of the charges of terrorism against the arrested Radio Biafra director, Nnamdi Kanu (Real name: Kenny Okwu Kanu). He was successfully arrested at the Golden Tulip Essential Hotel, Ikeja, Nigeria, this Saturday.

As follow the list of charges, the Nigeria’s 2011 anti-terrorism act as amended gives overreaching powers above the judiciary for Nigeria’s security officers to arrest and indefinitely detain terrorist violators. Charges punishable by death.

1. In a video of November 2013 the director of Radio Biafra, and Arinze Awogu went around Ezu River, the scene of mass murders and dumping of bodies in Anambra and harassed and intimidated innocent northern extract peasants under the bridge. He was never arrested for the seditious acts in contravention of Nigeria’s anti-terror laws and constitutional rights of freedom of assembly.

2. In November of 2013, ‘Nnamdi Kanu,’ the director of Radio Biafra on his radio station threatened violent terror against the UK or any other country that interferes with his quest for the secession of Biafra.

3. In his 9th January, 2014 broadcast, Kanu threatened death to any Igbo who converted to Islam. He said,

“Every Eze that is a Muslim must be hounded out. They must leave our land. If they do not leave our land, they will be killed. They must leave our land and go to the North to stay.”

Chief Sylvester O. Dimunah
Chief Sylvester O. Dimunah, threatened with death by Nnamdi Kanu

Chief Sylvester O. Dimunah, the vice Chairman of the Council of Village Heads in Imo State, notably had converted to Islam, provoking Kanu’s death threats. Kanu claimed the chief was pleading for his life and had doubled his security due to the open threats and the promotion of terror against the Chief by Nnamdi Kanu. Kanu had given out the Chief’s phone number and asked radio listeners to call and threaten the Eze.

4. Support For Murder Of Random Innocent Hausa In East

In the chilling audio recording of September 1st, 2015, a certain Uchechukwu Madueke in London’s Heathrow called-in and told Nnamdi that his brother who “spoke to Nnamdi yesterday” has left India for Nigeria and has promised to kill a random Hausa man. The caller who hails from Enugu says he knows his brother, Michael, that he will kill the Hausa person before he returns to India. Nnamdi Knau supported the promise of terror and said, “we need all strong people to fulfill this mission.”

5. Open Support for Manufacturer Of Deadly Laser Weapons And Call for Murder Of Nigerian Soldiers

In broadcasts of September 3rd, 2015 A Biafra zionist called ‘Nnamdi Kanu’ and told him that he is technically trained and has been researching how to make deadly weapons for the past 20 years. He, a technician and engineering graduate said he can make microwave lasers that can destroy armored tanks. He says he has a host of other deadly friends who are all ready to wage war against Nigeria. Nnamdi Kanu noted the guys number and promised he will utilize his skills. In the same recording as below, several terrorists called in and promised to terrorize Nigeria. Some suggested killing Hausas in the East to provoke chaos across Nigeria. Nnamdi Kanu in the broadcast directed the murder of Nigerian soldiers who he blamed for the alleged murder of protesters at the end of August.

Listen to chilling clips from the chilling broadcast:

6. Operation of a seditious, treasonous, separatist radio station that intimidates the sitting government of Nigeria and threatens the nation’s sovereignty and promotes violence.

Radio Biafra broadcasts on the net, on shortwave, and on phone Apps

7. Using Terrorism To Promote A Political Party, The PDP and Goodluck Jonathan

jonathan campaign
Former president Goodluck Jonathan

Nnamdi Kanu used his pirate station to harass and intimidate the then opposition party in Nigeria and potential voters and directly threaten to kill opposition politicians and political candidates including Rivers state governor Rotimi Amaechi.

A staunch supporter of Goodluck Jonathan, ousted for widespread corruption, Kanu is charged with using terror broadcasts to intimidate voters for political campaign.

Promoting the PDP then ruling party, Nnamdi Kanu said, “There will be no mercy, no pardon, no forgiveness. All traitors must die and so too their families. This nonsensical disease of Igbo saboteurs springing up all over the place in the name of having a different opinion on Biafra liberation will no longer be tolerated especially those who claim they are Biafrans but are supporting APC or APC candidates.”

See Facebook post:


8. Declared Wanted For Soliciting And Attempting To Purchase Deadly Weapons
Nnamdi Kanu, real name Nwannekaenyi Kenny Okwu-Kanu has been on the run from Imo state police after being caught in an arms purchase sting.

Nnamdi Kanu had purchased five of ten Ak47s from some arms traders guised as Pastors in March of this year. As the “Pastors” came back to supply him the second batch of five guns, the police was on their trail and arrested them. Nnamdi Kanu escaped and has since been on the run from the state police.

Police Report (Full article from Sun below)

Detectives attached to the Monitoring Unit of the IMO State police command have arrested two General Overseers for alleged gunrunning while declaring one Mr Nnamdi Kanu of radio Biafra, London wanted. CP Ali explained that in the course of investigation, it was discovered that the clerics were contracted by Mr Kanu who have given out an advance payment of N300,000 for 10 pieces of Ak 47 rifles and to be given a cash balance of N1.2m on delivery.The police boss also said that his command has declared Mr Kanu wanted and would charge the suspects to court at the end of the investigation

The arrested Gun dealers with guns for Nnamdi Kanu
The arrested Gun dealers with guns for Nnamdi Kanu

Report in Saturday Sun, March 7th on page 15

Nwannekaenyi Okwu-Kanu (his real name) was arrested in Lagos, Nigeria on the 14th of October this year. It is not known what he was doing in Lagos.

He was initially charged for organizing an illegal group and inciting violence among other criminal charges. He was allegedly granted bail and said to have been freed, but reports have it that he was moved due to his threat to national security, being involved in capital offenses including grand treason, terror and sedition.

General Overseers of guns

2 G.Os in police net for alleged gunrunning

■ Police declare another suspect wanted


Detectives attached to the Mon­itoring Unit of the Imo State police command have arrest­ed two General Overseers (GO) for alleged gunrunning. The sus­pects, Clifford Nmenabu, founder, God Covenant of Christ the King Sabbath Missionary and Festus Daniel Igwe of Zion House of Prayer Sabbath Mission­ary were alleged to have procured five AK47 rifles for use during the forthcom­ing general elections.

Speaking on how the suspects were busted, the state Commissioner of Police, Abdulmajid Ali told Saturday Sun that the command acted on a tip-off which indi­cated that the suspects had acquired some firearms. According to him: “On February 13, 2015, policemen led by the officer in charge of the Monitoring Unit, Superin­tendent of Police, Linus Nwaiwu stormed their churches in Oru East Local Govern­ment Area, arrested and recovered all the guns.”

Nnamdi Kanu's militants
Nnamdi Kanu’s militants

CP Ali explained that in the course of in­vestigation, it was discovered that the cler­ics were contracted by one Mr K. Nnamdi who they claim is based in London.

“The two clerics were given an advance cash of N300,000 for 10 pieces of AK 47 rifles and to be given a cash balance of N1.2million as soon as they deliver. The suspects were nabbed when they were about to hand over the five AK47 rifles to a group of persons who claim to be repre­senting Biafra in the church premises of Pastor Igwe.”

The police boss also said that his com­mand has declared Nnamdi wanted and would charge the suspects to court at the end of the investigation.

One of the suspects, Pastor Nmenabu, 67, said that apart from his ministry, he is dealing in arms. “I am the General Overse­er of God Covenant of Christ the King Sab­bath Missionary. I have been in the minis­try for over 35 years. I am also into buying and selling of arms and ammunition. I was listening to Radio Biafra London when the broadcaster, who introduced himself as Nnamdi, gave out a number through which he can be reached. I called him and he ex­plained that he is the coordinator of the popular Biafra group.

Nnamdi kanu with his militants in picture on his Biafra’s group page

“I told him who I am and what I can do for the group. He gave me the contract and I decided to ask my fellow priest, Igwe who has contacts. He offered to pay N1.2 mil­lion for 10 AK47 rifles. He gave us N300, 000 as a deposit. We were waiting for the balance when policemen stormed my house and arrested us”, he confessed.The second suspect, High Priest Festus Igwe, 63, said that he is willing to assist the police to track down Nnamdi who is currently on the run. “I am the GO of the Zion House of Prayers Sabbath Mission. I was in the church, when Pastor Nmenabu contacted me that there is a good business on ground. I rushed to his church and gave me the details. Luckily, I still had contact with some arms dealers in Imo state.

He also introduced me to Nnamdi who gave us an advance fee of N300,000.

“We had delivered the five AK47 rifles and was waiting for Nnamdi to bring the balance when the police arrived. I am very sorry. I am ready to assist the police to track down Nnamdi”, he stated.

Powers of the Anti-Terror Bill That Nnamdi Kanu Has Violated

The bill provides a broad definition of what constitutes an act of terrorism. An act “intended or [that] can reasonably regarded as having been intended” to force a government or an international organization to carry out or abstain from carrying out a certain act is an act of terrorism. (An Act to Provide for Measures to Combat Terrorism and for Related Matters, §2, Nigerian National Assembly portal, (last visited Feb. 22, 2011.) Researching or developing a biological or chemical weapon without lawful authority is an act of terrorism. (Id.) Dissemination of information (be it true or false) “calculated to cause panic, evoke violence or intimidate a government, a person or group of persons” is also considered an act of terrorism. (Id.)

The bill gives broad powers to government without any judicial oversight. A Security Intelligence Officer may enter and search any place, person, or vehicle without a warrant if he has “reason to suspect” that an offense is being committed and there is evidence of a commission of an offense under the bill. (Id. at §23.) The Officer may also search, detain, and arrest anyone if he has a “reasonable suspicion” that the person has committed or is about to commit an offense under the bill (id.) The Director General of State Security Service (DG) may use communication service providers as he deems fit. (Id. at §24.) The DG also has the authority to seize funds if he has reasonable grounds to suspect that they were obtained through acts of terrorism, they belong to a terrorist organization, or they were intended for use to further terrorist activities. (Id. §11.) A Senior Security Officer has the authority to order the detention of a terrorism suspect for 48 hours without access to anyone, including his/her attorney. (Id. at §26.)

The bill gives law enforcement officers immunity from civil or criminal liability for the use of force “as may be necessary for any purpose” that results in injury or death to any person or damage or loss to any property. (Id. at §10.) Law enforcement officers include employees of the Defense Intelligence Agency, the Department of State Services, the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, the National Agency for the Prohibition of Persons, the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency, the National Intelligence Agency, Nigerian Immigration Services, Nigerian Customs Services, and the Nigerian Police Force. (Id. at §33.)

Court Puts Nigeria In Danger By Granting Kanu Bail

Nnamdi Kanu has surprisingly been granted bail, though he is yet to fulfill the conditions set for his bail.

It is recollected that Mohammed Yusuf was likewise granted bail twice, and reportedly bailed out by Middle belt professor Jerry Gana, before going on to become the world’s deadliest terrorist group.

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