Sunday Igbowo: We Are Ready To Defeat The Fulani, Liberate Yoruba Land, Once Elders Declare War [BBC Video]


A very popular and well renowned Yoruba warrior, Sunday Igbowo has declared loudly and publicly on BBC that he and other Yoruba warriors are ready to declare war to liberate Yoruba land from ‘Fulani terror’ once called upon by the elders.

Restating his roles as one of the toughest warriors in the decades ago Ife-Modakeke war and other feats including defending Governor Rasheed Ladoja against Adedibu, Sunday Igbowo said that once called upon by the elders, there are hundreds of brave Yoruba warriors who will end the aggression and terror of Fulani once and for all and liberate Yoruba land.

Northern governor Masari with freed Fulani terrorist

It is perceived by many in Nigeria that there is an orchestrated Fulani hegemonic plan to suppress all other tribes in Nigeria. The Buhari-led federal government is accused of not arresting marauding Fulani terrorists and granting them clemency and reward when captured while sending the army against Igbo and Yoruba and arresting and killing them without regard in comparison.

Southern activists like Yoruba Yele Sowore have been victims of the government action and even the Yoruba Vice president, a part of the ruling cabal has not been spared from the domineering ploys of the so-called ruling Fulani hegemonists.