Takfiri’s Unite: ISIS Accepts Nigeria’s Boko Haram Into Fold

Shekau and ISIS' Abu Baghdadi - extremist Sunni Takfiri


ISIS radical takfiri’s of Syria and Iraq have accepted the allegiance of Boko Haram and included the Nigerian deadly terrorists into their fold.

Both groups have recently suffered major defeats ad a West African multinational force has driven Boko Haram out of most of its occupied territory while ISIS is suffering a similar fate in the hands of the Iraq military forces assisted by Iran’s Revolutionary guards and Allied forces’ aerial attacks.

An audio tape purportedly from Boko Haram’s “dead” leader, Abubakar Shekau had last week pledged allegiance to ISIS. ISIS replied in record time with a similar audio recording posted on the internet purported to be from terror group leader Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi.

islamistIt is yet unclear what the unholy alliance of takfiri groups means, however experts suggest that the alliance is an opening for US military intervention in Nigeria.

Boko Haram recently scored the most deadly terror act in the last 10 years with a massacre of the Muslim community in and around Baga, northeast Nigeria in which over 2500 mostly Muslims were killed in the first days of this past January. The sect also entered global headlines for abducting over 200 girls form school in a majorly Christian town of Chibok last April.