Terror: Arrest them or Arrest Anyone That Accuses Them, We’ve had Enough!

July 13, 2014


We are tired of hearing it. The world is tired of hearing this same pathetic song – that some elements against the current (in a series of many minority presidents Nigeria has had) ruler’s administration are behind Boko Haram terror. For God sake, enough already! Minister of (dis)information, Labran Maku repeated this pathetic narrative again this weekend. Since Abuja was bombed by MEND (as they admitted to ‘under directive to do so from Goodluck Jonathan, to accuse his opponents as a means to political victory’) in 2010, the presidency has concocted, encouraged and patronized terror as a means of political smearing and survival. It has been five harrowing years of this same song; will this ever get phased out like cassettes?

Dear presidency, do you realize that it is your duty to arrest these so-called, anti-Jo terror elements? You have had five years to do so, do you require more time to arrest a single of these phantom elements who ‘continue to bomb and destroy us to bring you down?’ Not one single one of them have you arrested, yet you do not know that it is to your shame that you keep repeating this lame accusation that these well known individuals are behind Boko Haram, yet with the 25% of the nation’s budget now allocated to supposedly combat terror and five years you have had, you cannot track their phones and spy on them to get a single ounce of credible evidence to arrest and disgrace them?

Do you think we are a nation of drop-outs and sophomoric’s, where such retarded excuse can continue to be played and re-played, as you continue to permit and tolerate terror and a terrorist organization that utilizes vehicles and ammunitions from the nation’s military – under your command – to terrorize the poor of Nigeria’s north? The only incontrovertible sponsors of Boko Haram today are the nation’s army under your minister of defense, office of National Security, oNSA, chief’s of the army and your executive office, who give Boko Haram the nation’s weapons, tanks, APC’s and $20 billion in fund reserves and provide them helicopter and air force jet cover to drive freely in 40 car convoy’s devastate local farming communities of the north for hours on end, displacing the third largest number in recent recorded history (3+million) while never being able to check their reign of limitless kidnapping, incendiarism, and extermination.

Do you think that any other civilized or uncivilized nation on earth other than Nigeria the world BS capital you have made it, would tolerate this senseless excuse more than once with no follow-up security service arrest of the ‘implicated’ individuals… talk less tolerate the rubbish for five full years? If it is Buhari, arrest him, if it is Tinubu, arrest him. Do you think we do not know that when Buhari dragged your behind to court, your spokesperson, Reuben Abati who first manufactured and launched this puerile libelous, lame excuse, was forced to apologize and together with Guardian where his demonic concoction was published, published an apology to Buhari’s person in the Guardian of Thursday 11th July, 2013, captioned ‘Re: For the attention of General Buhari?

You are lucky the opposition ‘officials’ in Nigeria are nearly as hopeless as you, else you would have been in local and international court along with all your friends who keep terrorizing Nigeria with this garbage every day for the past five years.  Arrest them or forever zip it. And if you want to know people, terrorist candidates with clear evidence who should be arrested already, look beside you at Abba Moro, the self confessed agent of Satan, who terrorized millions of your youths and killed two dozen. Why is he still walking free rather than in jail, and worse yet, still at the head of our ministry? And your beloved Bamanga Tukur, who openly promoted Boko Haram, stating that the sect was fighting for ‘your justice’ and ‘another name for justice;’ why is he still free and employed by you to head the Nigerian Railway corporation? To plant bombs in the tracks? And return al Mustapha to the jail you dug him out of. Now, these are real terrorists with open evidence against them. The only enemy you have is yourself. After all, when Boko Haram disturbed Yar’Adua, he dealt with them, no bickering, while simultaneously dealing with MEND. We are tired of a death riddled insane society. Do your job, stop aiding and abetting Boko Haram, stop financing them and giving them ammunition, arms and aerial cover to continue their genocide in the north, and please and please, put a ban on dim-witted excuses for Boko Haram from your friends. It is not selling. We have had enough, seriously! We need some element of sanity and decency in this society, haba. Na from where this one waka come?

Dr. Peregrino Brimah; http://ENDS.ng [Every Nigerian Do Something] Email: [email protected] Twitter: @EveryNigerian