Terrorists Protest, Hold PDP Vice President Sambo For Nonpayment Of Wages

Nigeria's attorney General Adoke, Vice president Namadi Sambo and Boko Haram leader Shekau


This is the headlines we woke up to on Tuesday in Nigeria. Top dailies had it that the Vice President of Nigeria, Namadi Sambo of the PDP ruling party was held hostage in Kano by armed “thugs,” for 20 minutes for “failing to pay them their salaries.” The story continued that after he negotiated with them and the “equally embarrassed AIG Tamara Yabo ordered his men to disarm the protesting thugs,” the matter ended. The story concludes, quoting the Vanguard (administration friendly newspaper), “The thugs later rejoined the vice president convoy and headed to other areas of engagement in the city.” [URL= http://www.vanguardngr.com/2015/03/thugs-held-sambo-hostage-in-kano/]

If the cat has not since been out of the bag, it finally is. The terrorists; and get it right, they are TERRORISTS and not thugs: anyone who walks the streets of Nigeria, and is armed… and armed enough to beat off our Vice President’s guards and abduct the Vice president himself, is a terrorist!

Anyone who abducts the Vice president of Nigeria as a means of protesting unpaid wages is a terrorist.

Anyone who protests unpaid wages for thuggery, which includes – harassing opposition politicians, vandalizing political signboards and setting-up bombs in mosques and Churches across the metropolis is a terrorist.

So yes, they are terrorists and their masters have been exposed. And this is not by any means the first time that Nigeria’s ruling PDP leadership and the presidency has been linked to terrorism.

PDP Vice president Namadi Sambo and Attorney General Mohammed Bello Adoke were linked to Boko Haram terrorism in 2012 and were investigated. The SSS has refused till date to inform the public of the details of that investigation or rather, lack of it. “State-craft” whatever that means was used to address their involvement in Boko Haram.

See Vanguard of October 25, 2012: “Boko Haram: Why Sambo, Adoke were not interrogated

“Chief investigator of the State Security Service, SSS, Mr James Ene Izih, yesterday, explained before a Federal High Court in Abuja, why the duo of Vice President Namadi Sambo and the Attorney General of the Federation and Minister of Justice, Mohammed Bello Adoke, SAN, were not interrogated with a view to ascertaining their level of involvement with the Boko Haram Islamic sect. Izih who, yesterday, testified as the second prosecution witness, PW-2, in the ongoing trial of the lawmaker representing Borno South Senatorial District, Mohammed Ali Ndume, also told the court that Ndume gave the telephone number of the Attorney-General of the Federation to the Islamic sect.

“The witness said though Sambo and Adoke were alleged to have had contacts with the sect, “however, instead of inviting them for questioning as we did in the case of Ndume, the service decided to investigate the claim using our state-craft.” The witness who told the court that he had been in the business of investigation for the past 31 years, maintained that it was an apprehended spokesman of the sect in Maiduguri, Ali Sanda Umar Konduga, and Ndume that fingered the VP and the AGF, in separate confessional statements they made upon their arrest by a special investigation panel that investigated the spate of bombings in parts of the country.”[URL= http://www.vanguardngr.com/2012/10/boko-haram-why-sambo-adoke-were-not-interrogated-sss/]

Namadi Sambo’s terrorists who protested nonpayment of wages at the Bayero University in Kano Monday, said “Bamuyi,” meaning, we are no longer at your service. The report goes; they were upset that they had only been given empty promises and not paid for their services in disruption of the society. After they were settled, they resumed duties. We would not encourage the military and other serving officers sacrificing their lives to save Nigeria, to apply this same terrorist method to get their wages from the government.

The terrorists were able to neutralize the state security protecting our vice president; this is hardly reassuring for Nigerians who have been looking to this government to secure its ordinary citizens.

This is the way Boko Haram and MEND were made. These must be the 1.8 million jobs the Jonathan government brags to have created. These are the same terrorists employed and who make up Boko Haram and MEND and who have been destroying the north and souh of Nigeria. We have now clearly seen the sponsors of Boko Haram as late National Security Adviser, Andrew Azazi said in 2012 before the PDP ruling government of Goodluck Jonathan sacked him and he was killed by that year’s end in a suspicious helicopter accident.

Over to the SSS, the FBI, Interpol, the ICC, AU, the UN and whoever else is truly committed to peace, security and stability in Nigeria, west Africa sand the larger Africa.

Dr. Peregrino Brimah; http://ENDS.ng [Every Nigerian Do Something] Email: [email protected] Twitter: @EveryNigerian