BBC: President Jonathan Is Chairman Of Boko Haram, Truck Drivers Say


Truck drivers have narrated to the BBC that the president of Nigeria is the chairman of Boko Haram in an article published Monday.

See that part of their article, captioned, “Boko Haram crisis: The Nigerian truckers risking attack.

He introduces me to Ibrahim Abdullahi, 25, a former university student who had been studying civil engineering at the start of insurgency.

He has been working as a trucker for the last five years as there are few other employment opportunities for young men, especially in the areas affected by the conflict.

“Yes I am scared, if there was other work I would find another job,” says Mr Abdullahi.

All the truckers express anger about the six-week postponement of the 14 February presidential election and are vocal in their criticism of President Goodluck Jonathan’s handling of the conflict.

Some even refer to him as “the chairman of Boko Haram” – seeing him as complicit in the group’s growth over the years.

Others say his complicity lies in his neglect of north-east.

“President Jonathan is just as guilty as those Boko Haram killers because he has chopped off all the money to repair the roads,” Mr Abubakar says.

Life is now a constant financial struggle for them, he adds.

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