How Terrorists Trailed Sheik Albani And Family From His School Before Killing Them

Shsikh Albani Zaria: killed for linking Boko Haram with CAN

Feb. 2, 2014

SaharaReporters, New York

The suspected terrorists that last night killed the leader of Sallafiyah in Zaria, Kaduna State, Sheik Muhammad Awwal Adam popularly known as “Albani Zaria” trailed the Islamic scholar and his family from his Tudun Wada school in Zaria. His family told SaharaReporters in a telephone interview.

The family said he was on his way to his home in Tudun Jukun area when the men opened fire on them and instantly killed his wife and son, the scholar was dragged out of the car and shot by the gunmen before they escaped.

Albani, according to his relation Mallam Muhammad Kabir was trailed by unknown killers, he said, “What we can’t deduce why he was trailed from his Tudun Wada school on his way to his home in Tudun Jukun area. It was around 10pm, they opened fire on his car, the wife and the son died on the spot. They then pulled him out of the car and shot him several times because we found his body on the ground riddled with bullets and soaked in blood. They escaped after carrying out the act.”

“Albani is  peace loving man and who interested in deep knowledge and scholarship, who runs two schools,one is the  Darul Sallafiya and Albani Science Academy all  in Zaria and believes in the superiority of knowledge and research as a guiding light of Islam contrary to some shallow doctrines,” he said

Albani, his wife and son will be buried this morning by 10 am after prayers in their home before final rites are performed at a graveyard in Zaria, thousands are expected to attend.

In October, 2012, Albani, a fearless preacher, when asked whether he is not scared for his life with regards to his  anti-Boko Haram stand, said, “We are not in any way afraid of any intimidation, we are only afraid of God. We have no any sinister plans against anyone in our minds and schedules; all we are doing is serving God and nothing more than that.

“We are not against anyone, but anybody that wants to intimate us should go ahead and see the wrath of God. We are not organization but just teaching and learning, you cannot compare us with those bothered about assuming leadership and followers. We do not have that in our setting.”