Thanks To Border Closure, 150K Hectares Dashed To Him By States, Cabal Dangote To Start Exporting Rice Soon – Buhari Aide


It is well known that many actions of Nigeria’s government are directed primarily for the benefit of the wealthy cabal who sponsor politicians.

Dangote and Godwin Emefiele

Dangote has been dashed thousands of hectares of land for his farming, as compared to smaller farmers who do not get free land. Recently the governor of Niger state was on the news for gifting Dangote land almost as large as Lagos state.

On top of this the government border policies are usually targeted at the same cabal.

It is on record that as said by Dangote himself, at a time the Nigerian government forced Dangote to import so much rice it crashed and killed local farming.

Ironically this time around the government blocked all importers for the same Dangote, this time for his own local production.

And they can’t wait to help him announce it.