The $200,000 Solid Gold Customized Watch David Mark Gave To Bribe Goodluck Jonathan


Behold the Swiss customized 24 karat gold “Special Edition 2010,” glass back watch that outgoing Sinate president David Mark gave to outgoing president Goodluck Ebele Jonathan to bribe him.

Sinator David Mark is known to be a serial rigger who lost all of his Benue South election bids including the most recent but was rigged in to power by former president Olusegun Obasanjo and since then he has always used the PDP rigging machine and the power of courts to rig his way back into the Senate.


The crystal laden gold watch has “750 N (North) 34379” on it, which is believed to be Masonic code, and also “Special Edition 2010” on the top and also bears: “Presented by Sinator David Mark GCON,” and to “H.E. Goodluck Jonathan GCON” etched into the gold as well as the Nigerian emblem over its visible working parts.

The diamond littered watch is noted to have pure gold, platinum and crystal internal moving parts visible through its glass covers.

The words “President of the Sinate” are printed in green on the glass back cover of the watch above the Nigerian emblem, with the words “Federal Republic of Nigeria” below.