The Harvest Season Is Here, By Joe Onwukeme

By Joe Onwukeme

In the aftermath of the inauguration of the 6th democratically elected president of Nigeria, the pandering predilections that heralded the out come of the presidential polls is gradually fading away.

All Progressive Congress (APC), the party that made history by becoming the first to defeat an incumbent party in a presidential election in Nigeria has been in the news for the wrong reasons.

The 8th National Assembly elections in both the Upper and Lower chambers that produced it’s principle leaders after it’s inauguration, Tuesday, 9th June 2015 is already causing ripples in the ruling party APC over what it’s leaders postulated that the party’s rules were not adhered to.

APC in the last few months were the envy of all, a political party that was formed through alliances to build a formidable opposition that would defeat the former incumbent party PDP and against all odds were able to achieve such feat. But the unity that once held the foundation of the party is shaking, before the National Assembly elections, APC law makers who are in their majority at both chambers became consciously and unconsciously inebriated with power. Some of their enemies while the campaigns lasted have automatically turned friends while friends turned enemies. Hence the dictum: in politics there are no permanent enemies but permanent interests.

Some political Shenanigans are yet to come to terms with the fact that there is no more room for the imposition of candidates in whatever form in our present “competitive democracy”, the will of the people must prevail.
That was why in the case of the Senate president and Speaker of House of Representatives; it was not what selected few thought was right, it was the will of the majority at that moment that counted. Democracy in action!

The harvest season is here and APC and it’s members seem not to be reaping their desired harvest. The ones united APC are now tearing apart, internal wranglings have taken over. The talk in town is that APC came together in unity at the national level to depose the former ruling party. Now their mission has been achieved, the true colours of APC members have been revealed.

It’s too early in the day for this harvest of rancour in it’s fold. Nigerians voted a credible alternative in the last presidential polls that would bring positive change in their lives. The Upper and Lower chambers did same tuesday last week when the law makers present at both chambers voted Senator Bukola Saraki for senate president, Hon. Yakubu Dogara for Speaker House of Representatives and other principal officers against the wishes of the ruling party.

The precipitous way the new leaders of the National Assembly emerged is a reminder that Nigeria belongs to nobody but us all. “Daniel has finally come to judgement”.

What seemed impossible in the eyes of a few power brokers has finally come to pass. As far as am concerned, what happened in both chambers as it has to do with the non-interference of the presidency has deepened our democracy.

APC law makers shouldn’t be carried away by legislative decorum. Rather they should bury their hatchets (if any) and work hand in gloves with it’s new principle officers in the discharge of their constitutional duties and begin the task of harvesting and rescuing this nation from it’s decrepit state. The time starts now!

Joe Onwukeme
[email protected]