The Movement #BornoTafiJam’iyya

by Abuy Abba Khuwa

The movement- Borno TafiJam’iyya (Borno is Beyond Political Party or Individual) is a new slogan of youth movement, with thousands of followers in Maiduguri. The idea was first brought up by a frustrated and prominent APC member in the state, Alhaji Grema Terab. The movement, formed to create awareness against the harmful of APC SAKK, is already gaining momentum!

Terab, a General Manager at SkyNet Travel and Tours Ltd, was also a former chairman of the state agency- State Emergency Management Agency (SEMA). SEMA is the body responsible for acclaiming to have spents  600Million naira monthly on feeding of the IDP’s throughout the tenure of the then chairman,Terab. Not to mention some inflated contracts rates and alikes.

The romance troublesome began to occur between the duo of Terab and Governor Shettima when the former voiced his ambition to join the race of the central senatorial by-election. Shettima, although, then has his own unofficial anointed candidate ( Bakaka Garbai), hardly could he turnaround against his ambitious godson- Terab, whom he also sees as an asset and a pillar toward youth in the state. A material that it can’t be easily ignored, or to be pulled out simply, considering his dedicated performance at the April election which return Govermor Shettima.

Terab’s sins is no one but when he forget under which platform he was brought to SEMA. The APYF Borno state chapter that he (Terab) chaired, was his pilot to the SEMA. During his SEMA days, he was accused only in favoring his friends and family in any contract to be given by the body; which caused him to lost many confidants as of today. That also led to the scrapping of APYF as many sees it as a fraud to venture into the political space.

While to the opposition parties, Terab’s anti party activities is a major milestone in achieving their desired dream, considering the weight Terab possessed  and a wind of  political hurricane he became within a shortest period of time. Terab’s  home has  turned to Mecca for opposition parties and their candidates. First, it was Kaka Bolori of the PDP, followed by the KOWA candidate, Mustapha Kumshe and one SDP candidate. One of the recent was the combine visit by all the three candidates to Terab’s maiduguri’s crib; on which they decided to single out a candidate and throw all their support to the emerged winner. This was fantastic. Phenomenal and astonishing! And, indeed, their action really proved BornoTafiyaJam’iyya (Borno is Beyond Party).

If Grema Terab decide to continue with this zeal and patriotic courage to stand against his party and oversee a great candidate ahead in a different party, and also courageously enough to endorse him- indeed, Terab is a pillar to be reckon with.

Many people see Terab as a frustrated young fellow, who engaged himself in anti party romance for being denied commissionership and also his former seat as SEMA chair. But, in real sense, this is what we’ve being advocating for some years ago. Individual above any party. We must commend his sportsmanship , zeal, courage and patriotism.

As they said, heed the message and ignore the messenger; let’s embrace his idea and shun his personal views. Let’s adopt the BornoTafiJam’iyya movement and succeed in sending  a good representation for Borno central.

The question is, will the movement succeed in its new crusade of operation eliminate SAKK? Kashim Shettima, with all the state treasury, resources and mechanism at his disposal, will he and his godson Bakaka Garbai, suffer the defeat of their life on the forthcoming senatorial by-election? If the people of Borno central can kick Ali Modu Sheriff out of political space, I don’t see a reason why they can’t eliminate Shettima’s political lifeline.

For my stand on this election, no more standing on the fence. I hereby paid my allegiance and support to the movement BornoTafiJam’iyya. Any candidate they adopt will surely have my total and utmost support.


Malam Abuy Abba Khuwa, wrote from the International University of Africa, Khartoum Sudan.

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