The Terrorist Behind The Mask In Aso Rock, By Bayo Oluwasanmi

The primary reason for a government is to serve as a protector,
protecting citizens from violence, and properties from destruction.
It’s a provider of goods and services that individuals cannot provide
for a well-functioning society. Government is the solution to
collective action problems.

The greatest ‘terrorist’ in Nigeria today is behind the mask in Aso
Rock. His name is Muhammadu Buhari.  He is also the President of
Nigeria. Buhari is a Fulani and a Sunni Muslim born by Fulani parents
from Daura, Katsina State. Buhari belongs to the sect of Islam called
Sunni Islam. Buhari is a herdsman. He owns cows. He employs and pays
Fulani herdsmen to cater for the cows.

“The President is a herdsman, a Fulani man. He owns cows,” says Othman
Ngelzarma, secretary of Myetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association of

Buhari as a ‘terrorist’ is no different from members of well-known
terrorist groups like the Taliban, Al-Qaeda, and Boko Haram. Why?

A few examples will suffice. As a terrorist, Buhari doesn’t govern by
the rule of law. He doesn’t respect the rule of law. He flouts court
rulings at will. He is alien to the rule of law. As a ‘terrorist’, he
is determined to eliminate, suppress, imprison, torture, and take out
of circulation his critics, opponents, and other dissidents who
disagree with his oppressive rule.

Buhari as a ‘terrorist’ is in control of all three branches of
government: executive, judiciary, and legislature. As a terrorist, he
is naturally wicked, insensitive, distant and aloof to the suffering
and plight of Nigerians. As a ‘terrorist’, he enjoys and indeed feels
accomplished and fulfilled by tormenting, harassing, oppressing,
intimidating, and framing up critics of his tyrannical regime with
baseless, unfounded, and manufactured crimes he cannot prove in the
court of law.

Nigeria under Buhari is a country of unrelenting insecurity without a
government to provide the safety of law and order, protecting
Nigerians from each other. Buhari as a ‘terrorist’, fuels the horrors
of chaos and disorder embedded in his domestic terrorism agenda.

In the history of Nigeria, we have never witnessed large scale
killings by Fulani herdsmen until Buhari became president. Buhari as a
Sunni Muslim provides the cover, the shield, the fund, the support,
the defense and of course the legitimacy for Fulani herdsmen. As
reported by Vanguard, Fulani herdsmen killed more people in 2015,
2016, and 2017, than even Boko Haram.

To be in total control of Nigeria, all the security chiefs appointed
by Buhari are Fulani Sunni Muslims: the attorney general of the
federation, chief justice of the federation, inspector general of
police, chief of army staff, DSS director general, EFCC chairmen of
EFCC, ICPC, INEC, directors of prisons, customs, aviation, railway,
and all other federal agencies.

How can Fulani Sunni Muslim security chiefs fight kinsmen Fulani
herdsmen and Boko Haram?

Buhari’s silence on the relative ease, the impunity by which the
Fulani herdsmen repeatedly attacked vulnerable communities across the
nation and their non-arrest and prosecution is evident that Buhari is
doing their bidding.

Responding to attacks by Fulani herdsmen, Buhari said: “The present
herder, I am told, carries AK 47 and people are even blaming me for
not talking to them because maybe (they say) I look like one of them.
There is more injustice in this aspersion…The Benue subsistence
farmer knows that the Nigerian cattle herder that he knows doesn’t
carry nothing more than a stick, occasionally sometimes something to
cut grass to feed his cattle,” says Buhari.

In his first budget in 2016, Buhari allocated money for Fulani
herdsmen. He called for the establishment of cattle colonies for
Fulani in all the 36 states. In June 2018, Buhari called for the
allocation of N170 billion for building cattle ranches all over
Nigeria for his Fulani herdsmen. Not long ago, he approved a
federally-funded radio station for his Fulani kinsmen/herdsmen.
Nothing, absolutely nothing, has been done by Buhari to stop the
killings by Fulani herdsmen. Rather, Buhari advocates for more money
and land for Fulani herdsmen.

What’s Buhari doing to stop the killings by his kinsmen? What’s Buhari
doing to arrest and prosecute these savages? What’s Buhari doing to
protect the lives and properties of Nigerians? What’s Buhari doing to
ensure peace among the various warring ethnic groups in Nigeria?
What’s Buhari doing to protect Nigerians of the Christian faith
against Sunni Muslim Fulani herdsmen terrorists? What’s he doing to
investigate the crimes of these animals and prosecute them? What’s
Buhari doing to investigate the supply chain of AK–47s?

What’s Buhari doing to govern by fundamental democratic principles,
ideas, and ideals? Nothing! Because he is a terrorist, he doesn’t give
a damn!