[AUDIO] The Threat of Kidnappers in Ningi And Another Threat From A Commander


My decision to come forward with this audio of the interview i conducted on BAUSHE (the warrior of Ningi) is because of the perception and accusations held  by a security operative heading the anti-kadnapping operations in Ningi local government of Bauchi state against me and my profession.

Some days to the last sallah festivities, i travelled hundreds of kilometres to interview the BAUSHE, everything written in this article


was exactly what BAUSHE have narrated in the interview, and I’m providing the audio interview today so that he pass it to the commissioner of police, since he said he has already discussed the issue with him, perhaps the commissioner may recall his meeting with the BAUSHE.

Listen to Audio:

I initially held back the audio from publication because of the sensitive nature of its content, but since this officer have posed a challange, I’m making it available today for his and public consumption. ‘I dont sit in my office and write what i like’ as you said, ‘No’, good reporters usually work for it, using resources to achieve their goals.

The phone call i received from this officer four days ago, was challenging and damaging to my reputation as a reporter and a journalists, hence, the need to put the record straight because he insinuated that, i write and report anything i liked about the activities of kidnappers in Ningi local government of Bauchi state without making any inquiries from him.

While my intention is not to pre-empt the phone conversation i had with him, this particular statement he made was the point of contention in need of clarification especially since he told me that, he has discussed the issue with the Bauchi state  commissioner police.

I have decided not to provide  the name of this officer, his rank or designation that called and threatened me on the phone, the opened threats encompasses reporting me to the NUJ (National union of journalists) or better still he will take me to the court as he put it.

One of my reason not to give his details is because, we both are on the same side, our aims and goal is to see to the end of the activities of kidnappers in Ningi local government and other neighbouring local governments of Bauchi state and Nigeria as a whole.

My is mind is full with the hope that, these are the only threats, hoping there are no hidden ones, and since the Nigerian constitution have given me the right to defend myself, i will regard his outbursts on the phone as a healthy one.

As he uses the gun to keep the peace, we journalists in the other hand uses the pen to ensure justice is done, afterall, the pen was the reason why he was drafted to keep the peace in the first place. Ningi people have been in this problem of kidnappers abducting their wives, children and their men demanding huge ransom
in return for their release, Ningi people were helpless, until the first letter i wrote that broke the camel back, published by Dailytrust on 8th August 2016.


On media advocacy level, an interview report of Senator Hamma Misau and the Bauchi state government was also published two days later, precisely, on the 10th August 2016, this phone interview report really enforces the media advocacy.


This front page published phone interview report was what ginger the federal government to respond swiftly, and as a government of the people, the president, Muhammad Buhari ordered for the deployments of security operatives. In the other hand, the chief of Army staff (COAS) was very responsive to the plight of Ningi people, he deployed before you count your fingers, upto today and tomorrow, Ningi people are praising the chief of Army staff, LIEUTENANT GENERAL TUKUR YUSUF BURATAI NAM GSS psc(+) ndc (BD) BA (Hons) MA MPhil. In Ningi local government, men, women and children are praying to the success of the COAS in all front, all the time.

The second most important issue i would want to clarify here is the officer’s outbursts of how he will go and meet the emir of Ningi, His Royal Highness, Yunusa Muhammad Danyaya (CON). What surprised me was the way he said it and the way and manner he referred to the exalted Ningi throne. This particular language he used referring to the emir of Ningi on the phone was insultive and irritating, it is like he is going to the emir of Ningi to warn him.

This officer may have his reasons to desecrate the exalted throne of Ningi, but Sir, to refresh your mind, since, as it seem, you totally lacked the knowledge and know how of Ningi people you are dealing with, and for your attempt to start from the emir’s head will be injurious to Ningi people and it’s kingdom. The Ningi royal throne is hundreds years old and is one of the respected not only in Bauchi state but all over northern Nigeria and Africa as a whole. Many wars were fought for the survival of Ningi kingdom, they are resilient and enduring people. Please better put it behind your mind that the Emir of Ningi is beyond playing with.

Of all the articles and reports on Ningi kidnappers activities i got across to the public through this medium, only one of such report talked about the military operation.


this particular article (report) that talked of military operations was an interview i conducted on BAUSHE of Ningi who has explained it all in the said audio interview and one can squarely understand after listening, that, the baushe of Ningi have explained in details everything relating to his collaborative attempts with the military, the police and the Ningi emirate.

I did not say it, BAUSHE said it, and one of my job as a reporter is to report the news the way it is. I have even sabotaged my efforts by not attaching the audio in the first place, now it is here, and iam sure now you know why.

I would want to use this medium to call on this officer to understand that, we both are on the same side, our goal is to see to the end of kidnapping in Ningi local government and Bauchi state as a whole, hence, a collaborations would be better promoted by understanding each other. The pen and the gun could be used legitimately to promote peace, freedom and justice, and on this tripod, i adviced we both stand. Lets us be friends, Lets us be winners.

Comrade Alhassan Haruna Dambatta.
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