To The Western World: We Condemn The #BrusselsAttack, Our Common Worry Is Terrorism

We strongly condemn the murderous terrorist attacks Brussels attacks that killed 34 people and injured more than 150 people.

As part of humanity we condemn all terrorist attacks that target innocent civilians in any part of the world.

Our yardstick for condemning such attacks is not preconditioned on the race, tribe, nationality, religion or sect of the victims. Terrorism is terrorism that is a threat to all humanity and that must be condemned by all people of conscience.

Unfortunately, the concept of terrorism in the West is hypocritical to say the least. When non-Europeans suffer terrorist attacks, they do not make front page headlines in the West. Racism is an embedded value in Western civilization and that translate into some Europeans thinking that other races are inferior to them and their lives are also inferior.

And Western powers are notorious in creating, funding and sustaining murderous terrorist groups in hostile countries to kill the innocent people of those countries and destroyed their towns and cities. The best example today is Syria where the US, UK, France and Germany have been sponsoring murderous terrorism to serve their evil regime change agenda in Syria.

It is important to note that Western imperialism created all the murderous terrorist groups that we have today. They created AlQaeda, ISIS, Taliban etc, they created these terrorist groups to further their evil imperialist agenda. When they formed and armed these murderous terrorist groups they failed to realize that these thugs will turn against them one day. In that famous words of Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah when he warned Western powers against sponsoring terrorist groups in Syria:”The magic will return to haunt the magician”.

Unfortunately when such attacks like the Paris Attacks and Brussels Attacks happened the mainstream media (MSM) tend to blame Islam and Muslims despite the fact that Muslims are the biggest victims of these murderous terrorist groups. Such attacks fuel #Islamophobia where innocent Muslims especially those living in the West are targeted in unprovoked attacks.

It is important that we spread awareness to the Western audience in line with the two famous and historic Letters by Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Khamenei to the Youths of the West where he highlighted this hypocrisy of “Good terrorist and Bad terrorist” of the West. He said that for murderous terrorism to be defeated, the West must abandoned this hypocrisy and its notorious double standard on issues of terrorism.

And the world must asked what is the deviant ideology that inspired these murderous terrorism in the name of Islam? Why is it that the West is silent on identifying this root cause of Takfiri Terrorism that is the Wahhabism promoted by Saudi Arabia? All these murderous terrorists are inspired by Wahhabism, these Saudi-sponsored clerics are the teachers and motivators of these bloodthirsty monsters that are killing the innocent. The answer to this question is that these murderous terrorist groups are proxy Armies of Western imperialism.

Finally, our heartfelt condolences to all the families of those killed in today’s attacks in #BrusselsAttacks and God heal all those injured. It our hope that the citizens of the West will put pressure on their governments to stop sponsoring murderous terrorism in other countries to further their evil imperialist agendas.

Harun Elbinawi
[email protected]