Trans Prisoners Impregnate Two Women Inmates At ‘All-Female’ Jail… As You Were Warned By Conspiracists

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This is not the first time it’s happened, and it’s only becoming more common

by Kelen McBreen, IW

According to the Department of Corrections, two female inmates at New Jersey’s Edna Mahan Correctional Facility, the state’s only female prison, are now pregnant after having consensual sex with transgender inmates. 

It’s unknown how far along the women are in their pregnancies, if they’ll end up having the children, or if they were knocked up by the same trans inmate or separate ones.

In 2021, New Jersey started allowing trans prisoners into female jails after a trans person filed a lawsuit because they were held in men’s prisons for 18 months.

The Edna Mahan facility where the now-pregnant women are serving time hosts 27 trans inmates, many of whom still obviously have male genitalia as they don’t need gender reassignment surgery to qualify for the women’s prison.

Meanwhile, in October of 2021, popular comedian and podcast host Steven Crowder was suspended from YouTube for covering a similar incident.

“A hard strike from YouTube and Wow… this is terrifying. We covered SPECIFIC, documented instances of rape. @YouTube says not allowed. All parents should take note. If you believe in the insane notion of biological sex, you will be silenced,” crowder wrote at the time.

The episode of Crowder’s show that initiated the YouTube strike included Infowars founder Alex Jones, who appeared in a comedy sketch with Crowder that now seems even more relevant.

Watch the full episode of Alex Jones on Louder With Crowder below!