#Turkey: Erdogan Staged own Coup – Stella Lebi


by Stella Lebi on FaceBook

There was NO MILITARY COUP IN TURKEY, or rather it was a Phantom coup stage managed by the ISIS patron, Mr Erdogan.  It did not take me a long time to figure out this man, Erdogan was the sponsor of the so called coup. Turkey has a strong military history. It has sophisticated military tradition steeped in military coups. No way in this world will the military supposedly stage a coup and allow CNN to continue to broadcast, the president free and others on the lam. No way. Rather, Mr Erdogan was rather mischievous.

He staged a coup against himself. Damn rat. Now, you say Stella, wtf are you talking about? I will respond, come with me. Erdogan used the Phantom coup to halt the ferocious attack by the States on his beloved ISIS. So, once our fighter jets can’t fly their sorties against ISIS,  those murderous bastards got a reprieve to rearm and restrategize. You say what’s that? I say uncage your inner mind. Look at the Paris attack in Nice, claimed by ISIS today, then look at the supposed coup. They bear a common marker: Erdogan / Turkey is a rat who ought to be expelled from NATO.  He prefers ISIS, HE STILL ALLOWS ISIS TO USE TURKEY AS A STAGING POST FOR ENTRY INTO SYRIA AND IRAQ. You ask for the significance of that. Both countries, Iraq and Syria are SHIITE LED, WHEREAS HE’S A SUNNI. ISIS IS ALSO SUNNI, so, the enemy of my enemy is my friend. The hottest part of hell is reserved for some people.

Then, his sons are reportedly the greatest beneficiaries of the illegal oil trade with ISIS. There’s no corruption yet the Erdogan family doesn’t love. Because the military see his double dealing with ISIS, the press refuse his brown envelopes unlike the hungry jackals in Nigeria,  he’s clamped down on the press, staged assassination of some, clamped down on free Press and then this.

Question is, where’s ISIS going to strike  next from their staging post in Turkey.  For me, my instinct tells me the USA OR GERMANY OR THE UK. Hope I’m wrong. Stay away from crowded areas. Erdogan is up to no good. Hope the Obama administration will not miss the next big one. We missed this by a million yards. Erdogan hid out in his country home while his mischief played out in Ankara. A coup without a clear leader. That’s a whole load of baloney. Kamal  Atarturk must be wandering what happened to his Turkey. So, in the next few weeks, ISIS will bare its fangs, come off life support and we have Mr Erdogan to thank for it.

Now that he’s clamping down on the media, muscle out the very active judiciary, kicked NATO in the Cojones,  then, he’s free to use the coup as an excuse to acquire more dictatorial powers. All hail Emperor Erdogan.  One thing though. Americans say be careful what you ask for, you may eventually get it. If I were the emperor, I’ll watch my back. Turkey’s military is not moimoi. For my non African friends, moimoi is bean cake.