Twin Pyramids and Sphinx discovered in Zinder, Niger; by Souley Garba, Nigerian Egyptologist

June 25th, 2012

Alice C. Linsley

In February 2012, Garba announced his discovery of a pyramid in the village of Dan Baki, 20 km west of the city of Zinder and 2 km north of the village of Tirmini. Garba estimates that the yet unopened pyramid contains more than 40,000 gold objects.

Garba claims that the pyramid of Dan Baki is 4500 years old. It is in an advanced state of deterioration, but was not open when it was discovered by Garba. See: Ancient 200,000BC Human Metropolis Found in Africa

The Dan Baki pyramid has a twin nearby and appears to be part of a series of pyramids located in the region of Tanout. All the pyramids in the neighborhood appear to have remained sealed.

Mr. Garba reports that this discovery is the “result of our activities we have been carrying out over 7 years and with a private institute of the United States of America.”

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Garba explained that years of study of the hieroglyphic texts led him to the name of the village where he discovered the pyramid. He believes that the point of origin of humanity is in Niger. From there people spread into Chad, Nigeria, Sudan, Egypt, Yemen and Saudi Arabia. He has not attempted to explain the presence of more ancient monuments in Southern Africa, Turkey and China.

Study of the ancient hieroglyphic texts reveals a close affinity between Ancient Egyptian and Hausa. The names Tanout and Dar-Gaza constantly recur in the hieroglyphic texts that Garba studied. Dar-Gaza means “crown of God” and refers to the Sun. Gaza is a variant of Giza.

Hausa is in the Afro-Asiatic (or “Hamito-Semitic”) language group. This group includes Akkadian, Ancient Egyptian, Arabic, Aramaic, Amharic, Babylonian, Chadic, Ethiopic, Hahm/Jaba, Hebrew, Phoenician, Sumerian and Ugartic. The diversity of this group is amazing! Chadic alone has 600 dialects.

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Pyramid at Dan Baki



 PROLOGUE: “an evil being can be happy as his evil deed has not yet matured, but when ripe, the evil knows evil. A beneficent may have bad days, as his good deed has not yet matured, but when ripe, the beneficent knows good results. “

I started writing this contribution to Egyptology in citing the words of the prologue of Sakya sage namely the spiritual Master Gotama Buddha.

On February 29, 2012 broadcast on private radio Anfani (local branch of Zinder)  issued information on the discovery of pyramids in the village not far from Dan Baki Tirmini in the region of Zinder.

This most exceptional discovery is the result of years of research work done by the spiritual Master Souley Garba. Outside of Egypt and Mexico where current pyramids have been found, popular scientific opinion was that no where else on the earth surface would they be found.

Indeed, the spiritual Master Souley Garba has proved them wrong by proving that ancient Egypt and the pyramids are not only confined to the geographical space of the current Arab Republic of Egypt as Westerners have deliberately imposed on   humanity, but far beyond this single country.

Thus the circular pyramid to degrees of Dan Baki and his Sphinx  are a culmination of a brilliant success the research conducted by the Spiritual Master Souley Garba – no offense to the critics. For this reason, I suggest to the highest authorities of the State to include the date of February 29, 2012 in golden letters in the official calendar of public holidays of the Republic of Niger, and in the same vein, kindly awarded an honorary award in the national orders to the Master spiritual Souley Garba given the inestimable value of his discovery and entering the cultural and scientific heritage of humanity.

Beyond a person, it is the entire people of Nigeria in particular and Africa in general, including those in the diaspora to be so honored in this way. It is fitting that the Niger – a country which is placed a laggard among the world’s poorest can demonstrate striking and irrefutable that humanity has indeed started its territory? This will give honor, prestige and dignity not only in Niger but especially to the Black Man that will tarnish his image be too long now renegaded forever thanks to the aura of truth illuminating in the light of Spiritual Science. I hope that my appeal will be heard and will not fallen into deaf ears!

When taking a deep analysis of the discovery of these pyramids and without prejudice, as it was the position openly displayed by a small group of faculty that so many of the UAMD IRHS, it becomes clearly that a new page in the history of mankind is being  rewritten using the decryption and interpretation of spiritual texts and hieroglyphics of ancient Egypt. Thus the GREAT CENTRAL SCHOOLS OF MYSTERIES,  recognize the existence of pyramids in Niger and the truth of the discovery made ​​by the Master spiritual Souley Garba.

Based on the information in their possession, Westerners have become interested and been searching in close proximity to the Pyramids of Dan Baki they have consistently and regularly flown on planes for more than forty years by projecting faiceaux of Light – X-ray certainly – at the end to see what it contains inside. This discovery upset these GREAT CENTRAL SCHOOLS OF MYSTERY: their plans were frustrated, they did not expect this, and especially by an African at the beginning of 2012.

Their unspoken and unspeakable intention is to maintain a heavy leaden weight of ignorance and both Africans (THE BLACK RACE) than on the rest of the world as long as possible. They planned to unveil the mysteries surrounding the history of humanity in a century (100 years), but now that a powerful flood came spiritual upset their calculations and plans cynical. Africans have the greatest interest to dispose of the mental and intellectual tutelage that Westerners impose upon us. Let’s get out of this torpor that hinders us and we are crippled in everything we undertake. Wake up once and for all because we slept too long. When Africa will be awakened and united, it will be hard as so many hummed the Ivorian musician Tiken Jah Fakoly.

Special mention should be awarded to the Republic President da S. E. MAHAMADOU ISSOUFOU for wearing officially the discovery of the pyramids on the fronts baptismal notwithstanding   report the alleged   mission that the researchers of the IRHS have dared to publish in the private newspaper “The Sun” as what it is that of “outliers” but no pyramids. The President of the Republic has taken care to check first information regarding the discovery of the pyramids before speaking publicly both on the airwaves of national television (Tele Sahel) as on those of TV5 MONDE . It is now the Ministries of Culture, Higher Education and the Mines to let everyone who is concerned by diligence in putting out all the stops to make the archaeological excavations of the pyramids. To do this they must take home as soon as possible with experts in the field, namely the National Directorate of Antiquities in Cairo and excavation teams. The sooner the better because these excavations will remove all ambiguities and suspicions expressed by a small group of researchers at the Faculty of IRSH as UAMD.

Let’s not discredit others on the basis of bias and rush to judgment and lapidary. This is dangerous! If it is in Niger, in which country the world has there been a scientific discovery to be classified as a crime or wrong, apart from the period of the Inquisition in Europe? A journal of private press “the sun” has an interest in reviewing the information sent to it, taking care to cross-check before publishing. It’s ethics and professional ethics that require it.

In conclusion, I end this contribution to the discovery of the pyramids of Dan Baki always quoting the Spiritual Master Gotama Buddha who said: “Whoever offends someone pure, innocent and undefiled, is exposed to the return of evil, as if we had thrown dust   against the wind. ”



 February 29, 2012, after seven years of research on ancient Egyptian texts, including   THE BOOK OF DIVINE COW, deciphered in Hausa,   Nigerian researcher named SOULEY GARBA had discovered two ancient circular pyramids and a sphinx in advanced state of degradation over a wide expanse of sand from the village of Dan baki   Tirmini in the town of Zinder in the east of the Republic of Niger.

Through research, SOULEY GARBA found that Zinder, Niger’s former capital until 1926, was regularly cited in all ancient Egyptian texts as the starting point of Egyptian civilization.

You could easily recognize Zinder card drawn for millennia by ancient Egyptians and taken over by the old settlers in 1884 when the frontier line of Black Africa, by this hieroglyphic character:

This hieroglyphic character that you see above was the map of Zinder has long drawn by people of the Nile valley and its deciphering is: DARA ROUA in ancient Egyptian meaning CROWN WATER in French.

-They used it as a royal crown and the only kings wore on their heads to show their royalty.

-You could also see the kings of Egypt   often sat on a chair Or whose representation is none other than the map of Zinder.

On top of that, SOULEY GARBA showed that this was no accident, that the name can ZINDER correspond to the map of Zinder itself, since the word comes from the root ZINDER Egyptian Zane which means picture or hieroglyph and Dara which means the Crown Pharaohs wore as a symbol of royalty.

That’s when we can say that the name ZINDER   means: Hieroglyph of the Crown or (PICTURE OF THE CROWN) and we can see that the card ZINDER   is an image of the Crown.

Below the map of ZINDER traced by settlers in 1884 when it stood for millennia in Egypt on papyrus:


Papyrus Maps

This map of Zinder in the form of the royal crown was born cow say the ancient Egyptians and visible on the papyrus and the Egyptian temples, but this card in the middle of the sacred cow has been erased, and only remain below this cow black different races who go down there.

But where is the map of Zinder  in the middle of the cow? Was it erased and for what purposes? Certainly also to erase the history but history is stubborn, here she is back through the stone (the Pyramids of Zinder) to reveal once again the truth.

By carefully observing the cow Black Temple of Ramses and the current map of Niger below, is it not surprising that there are pyramids in ZINDER? Although the map of Zinder has been deleted from the middle of the cow representing the map of NIGER, but look below at the belly of the cow, a man raising his arms and holding something;

This is the site of the famous card ZINDER.


The characteristic of pyramid DAN BAKI is perfect circular shape and inclination of 14 degrees as all the pyramids of ancient Egypt, except that it is earlier   the pyramids of Egypt and the current shape of the pyramids erected to remind the womb of Mother Earth and eternal home   of early infancy   of humanity.

The pyramid-DAN is also BAKI   on sandy or there is no granite quarry even less limestone.

Instead, the   field appears to be a very ancient valley.

The heart of the pyramid consists mainly of limestone and covered with blocks of cut stone   collected in a granite architecture   perfect.

The SPHINX is adjacent to the pyramid in advanced degradation because the head is gone but the shape of the lower limbs is still visible.

The Sphinx like the pyramid is formed in its internal structure essentially of limestone followed by a coating granite blocks cut perfectly connected to each other through visible join.

The height  of the pyramid-DAN BAKI is about 120m.

Additional Photos:

Interviewed by:  M.SANOUNOU IBRAHIM,

Architect and freelance journalist,  from  Master SOULEY GARBA, Egyptologist.


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The discovery of a pyramid and a sphinx in Niger lends support to my theory of an African dominion from the time of Noah (B.C. 2490-2415). Kain, Seth and their wives were of the ruling houses of this ancient Proto-Saharan and Nilotic civilization, as were Lamech the Elder and his son-in-law Methuselah.

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Dr. Clyde Winters refers to this as the “Proto-Saharan Civilization.” The Proto-Saharans venerated cattle and left behind engraving of bulls and oxen with solar disc between their horns.This image was associated with Hathor, the Virgin Queen whose son was Horus.

Abraham’s Nilotic ancestors considered Horus the “Seed” of Ra because Hathor was said to conceive when she was overshadowed by the Sun. In the oldest known Messianic tradition the Son of God is born as a calf to Hathor who is portrayed as a sacred cow, and the birth took place in a stable with the Babe sleeping in a crib.

The oldest known site of Horus worship is the shrine city of Nekhen in Sudan. It dates to the time of the pyramid discovered by Nigerian Egyptologist Souley Garba, if Garba’s dating is reliable.