Umar Isa Now in Kano Hospital Instead of India Promised by Governor Bindo

Gov. Bindow

The PERISCOPE News update


Isa’s mother was in tears at AKTH when The PERISCOPE paid a visit. She told the news crew this today, that it was certain that her son would give up to dialysis as the only remedy for which was short of recommendation for his survival, in a sense that it could not completely play the function of a kidney.

“You know that Isa hasn’t got any kidney. It was removed by a doctor in a private hospital at Yola. You in the media amplified our woes to the sympathy of so many people and organisations. Governor Bindow of Adamawa state pledged a donation of N5m. Initially, we were to be taken to India since we’ve got a kidney donor. However, we were told that some people advised the governor that Isa could have a successful kidney transplant here in Aminu Kano Teaching Hospital. We’ve been here since, only to have the same treatment Isa was being managed while in Gombe University Teaching Hospital and Federal Medical Centre, Yola; that is, the sessions of dialysis.

Now it appears that the dialysis is failing, he’s getting weaker. He’s not eating since yesterday. He’s not eating anything today. He’s in serious pains. His hand is swelling up… I’m afraid. I’ll soon lose him,” Isa’s mother lamented.

Umar, Isa’s brother said that so many people were sceptical that they could have a kidney transplant in Kano. They were advised that since there was the pledge of N5m donation from Governor Bindow of Adamawa state, the money should be accessed for use to take Isa to a superior hospital that is known to have high turnover of kidney donations and success rate of kidney transplant abroad.

The PERISCOPE could not however, have anyone to speak on behalf of AKTH on the plight of the patient. However, Sani Muhammad the Good Samaritan who pledged a donation of one of his kidneys was invited to the medical laboratory of the hospital to have his blood screened today. He’s been with the patient since. In fact, he has turned out to be doing to Isa what any serious patient relative could do to make his patient have confidence that all would be well. The blood screening could be aimed at ascertaining the compatibility of the kidney between the donor and the recipient.

“Already, the N500, 000 given to us earlier in Yola, is about being exhausted. We’ve been paying for the hospital bills. Isa has had only two sessions of dialysis since our arrival though. However we’ve been paying for feeding and hotel accommodation. Little we did know that it could take that long before being fully attended to. We do not know how long we could be here without any headway”, Umar said.

The patient and relatives do not know what to do when the sum of N500, 000 given to them got exhausted. They do not also know how to get to access the N5m governor Bindow pledged to give as his donation now that they are in Kano with the patient of surgical quackery.