US Military Choppers Reported Rescuing Cornered ISIS Terrorists in Iraq, as ISIS Returns Under Biden Administration

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As the Isis resurgence has been increasingly noticed since the assumption of power by the Biden liberal administration, a new harrowing report with dated images from Iraqi agencies directly accuses US military choppers of transporting cornered Isis terrorists.

ابو سجاد الكربلائي | HST @Twelver313 reported from Iraq:

“US military occupation helicopters are transporting ISIS terrorists in Iraq who were surrounded and cornered by the Iraqi Army!! This is not the first time US military aircraft have transported ISIS terrorists who were losing battles against Iraqi Security Forces…”

Obama’s ISIS

It is recalled that Isis expanded and occupied vast territory and gathered weapons including thousands of US abandoned humvees under the Obama-Biden administration.

Even Snopes could only give Obama a “mostly false” on the accusation that “Did Obama ‘Order the CIA to Train Islamic State’?”

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The seemingly impossible to stop Isis caliphate only came to an astonishing end, with all territory being regained, after the Trump administration came into power and cooperated with Russia to bomb the hell out of them.

This policy in contrast to Obama who had fought to stop Russia from bombing them and their freely moving under Obama’s watchful drones, thousands of oil tankers that freely sold Iraq oil to Turkey at the time earning $1 million a day for the terrorists.

The Night That Obama and Hillary Founded ISIS
By Liz Meriwether

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And With Trump in Power ISIS Lost ALL Territory it Was Freely Annexing Under Obama-Biden

And that was how Isis was defeated: Islamic State group defeated as final territory lost, US-backed forces say – BBC

This video gives the series of events from Isis’ rise under Obama to its fall under Trump: