US Doctor Attracts Igbo Fire For Calling Them Troublesome and Cursed People


A US cardiologist has earned himself the wrath of Igbos by allegedly posting in social media that Igbos by virtue of their behavior ‘usually overriding indigenous populations’ place themselves at risk of xenophobic attacks.

We do not have the full conversation, only alleged snippets saved from some form of debate he must have been having.

We have not independently seen these posts on his social media pages as these could not be found.

Adeniran-Abraham-Ariyo-3 Adeniran-Abraham-Ariyo-2

Bella Naija was unable to track him on social media, but we can substantiate that he is indeed a Doctor in Dallas. Photos of his Christmas family portrait have also been floating online, most likely from his Facebook account. According to various media outlets, he has deleted all his photos and Facebook profile, and has gone into hiding.

A petition has been filed against him, asking the Texas medical board to investigate him and for his medical license to be revoked.