The Useless Road Abbas Tajudeen, Kaduna’s Worst Rep Ever, Built, Washes Away In The Rain

By, Malam Isah Abbas Ahmed

It is apparent that some blind-followers of certain politicians do not understand criticism and the vital role it plays in sanitizing politics in the world.

When we reported how substandard the road Hon. Tajudeen Abbas brought to his constituency, his ward, in fact, it passed through his family house, some block-headed individuals took it too personal and read us wrong in the name of support for him. Why we brought the issue forward was purely corrective looking closely at the importance of this road and how well it will speak about the rep member.

Abbas Tajudeen

It is not up to 6 months, just after first rain in Zaria, imagine how the road started washing away (the pic).

Believe me or not, this man has no iota of shame. The level of exposure of good people of Zaria has passed stoning leaders but be rest assured that we will meet come 2019.