Victory For The People, Victory For Democracy – Senator Oluremi Tinubu


Dear Constituents

Months ago, when we declared the official opening of our campaign for the continuous struggle for emancipation of our people and for the defence of our 16 year democracy, I deemed it fit to reach out to you as a servant leader whose service to the people has evidently changed the concept of leadership and governance in our society, and not as a candidate.

My people, In the journey so far, it is unarguable that we recorded many hitches, ills and faring storms but in all, we walked through victoriously with your prayers, unflinching supports and unwavering strength which has ushered in a historical victory for you the people.

Your resolve and elastic supports brought us thus far and I am confident will take us further. No doubt, it has been absorbed in history that we are movers and shakers of our choices.

Saturday, 28th March through Sunday, our people decided. Following the senatorial elections held in Lagos, the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) has officially returned me, the candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC) as the winner of the election.

Apparently, this is the will of the People. The result of the elections is an expression of the voice of our people; we must all heed your voice.

It has been a hard fought election. In the course of the campaigns, there were grubby episodes as the candidates toured round the constituents to sell themselves to the people.

On our part, we presented our programmes before the people, and party leaders. We campaigned, we canvassed and we traversed the senatorial district. Our performance and achievements in office remains the backdrop on which we were being assessed. The decision of the people to return me as their representative is continually within cardinals of Youth empowerment, Social Security for Elderly Citizens, Improved Educational Policies and Job opportunities. We never took your support for granted. We stood by the mandate giving to us. The philosophy of our party, the All Progressives Congress is transparency, accountability and credible service to the people which you are all aware of and which has kept us stronger.

Our constituency initiatives designed to make a difference will be sustained as promised as we hope to do more.  Ultimately this has culminated into this victory. It is apparently a victory for the people and our democracy.

To members of our party, traditional institutions, our campaign team and indeed all people who defied the siege to cast their votes for our party, I salute your exemplary courage and doggedness in the bid sustaining our democracy. The best way to achieve this is by electing leaders with the heart and mind for service, and progressive minded legislature that gives a lawful backing to developmental policies.

Let me assure you all of continued value for every vote at the Senate. And of course very people oriented representation.

Thank you for believing in us and staying the course.

God Bless You


Senator Oluremi Tinubu, OON
Lagos Central Senatorial