VIDEO: A teary DJ Khaled can’t hide his emotions during the surreal moment he performs Umrah at Mecca with Mike Tyson

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DJ Khaled is one of the world’s most prominent music personalities; however, despite having experienced all of the world’s luxuries, it appears that a moment he would have treasured as a child had a greater impact on him.

DJ Khaled recently traveled to Mecca, Saudi Arabia, with legendary pugilist Mike Tyson – this comes as no surprise given that Tyson, who has made spirituality his go-to after his menacingly successful boxing career, accompanied the rapper on the trip.

In the video, it appeared that while Mike Tyson was engrossed in performing the Umrah in front of the Kaaba, the rapper couldn’t keep the emotion from his eyes as he gazed up at the ancient religious structure with fond devotion. “The second I walked in Mecca tears came down my eyes,” the rapper wrote in an Instagram post commemorating their trip. Tears of joy, I’ve wanted to go to MECCA my entire life… It’s so beautiful, we all have ONE LOVE here GOD DID!!!!!!! “God bless my brother @miketyson.”

Well, it appears that DJ Khaled has finally realized his dream of traveling to the center of the Islamic world and being offered Umrah. Having said that, their visit to Kabaa in Mecca was not solely for prayer; they are both in Saudi Arabia for the Red Sea Festival.

Given his Christian name, the obvious question on fans’ lips is why Mike Tyson visited Mecca. The truth is that he converted to Islam in 1992, when he hit a major stumbling block in his life. Despite vicious knockouts and heartbreaking defeats in his fights, including one against Buster Douglas, a stint in prison provided Tyson with the opportunity to reconcile with God, which he attempted after conversion.

As a result, no one should be surprised by the former world heavyweight champion’s visit to the Kaaba. Mike Tyson has recently raised awareness about achieving peace through divine attunement and faith, and his trip to Mecca would have only strengthened this practice.

“Do you get it?” Emotional Mike Tyson urged the reporter to leave and burst into tears while speaking about his deceased daughter.

Boxing fans are accustomed to seeing the iconic fighter’s exploits inside the ring; however, after a life teetering on the brink of violence, some of it regulated and some of it not, it appears that Mike Tyson is shifting his focus to tranquillity as the foundation of his life. Expect to see a lot more of this side of him in the future, much more than we’ve seen in the last decade or so.