VIDEO: Ghanaians Upset, Embarrassed With Buhari’s Begging US for AFRICOM Occupation; Say He Should Resign


Ghanaians have expressed upset and frustration with Nigeria’s present ruler, Muhammadu Buhari for begging the United States to station AFRICOM US command on the continent.

Kwesi Pratt

Venting during and interview, prominent Ghanaian Editor Kwesi Pratt declared in exasperation that he could not believe one of Africa’s biggest nations is begging the US to station its Africa command on the continent. He Said Buhari should resign because her has failed the promise upon which he was elected. Begging for leaders with visions for Africa, he said if Nigeria cannot handle Boko Haram what should smaller countries do? ShoulD Africa just surrender to be colonised?

Late President Umaru Yar’Adua and Goodluck Jonathan rejected AFRICOM

It is recollected that President’s Yar’Adua and Jonathan both rejected the installation of AFRICOM center in Nigeria and the continent as a whole. General Buhari according to attorney Falana is begging for AFSRICAOm not to protect the people but to protect his government from the anger of the masses.

It is rumored that Buhari is not his self and not in charge and Nigeria has no real head of government.