Video: Schools Are Unfunded While This Govt. Wrongfully Commits Billions To Send People To Hajj – Buhari


In a video at his meet the youth session in Lagos Tuesday, President Buhari complained on why the Jonathan administration commits millions of dollars to send people to Hajj, an obligation Buhari said is not the duty of the Government but meant to be a private undertaking; yet schools lack infrastructure, classrooms and even teachers across Nigeria.

It is noted that Goodluck Jonathan actually added pilgrimage to Jerusalem to the already routine Government sponsored pilgrimage to Hajj. Apparently General Buhari will terminate such government expenses which he argues are erroneous and plain wrong. he recently also declared that he will not keep an office of the First lady which is unconstitutional. The governor of Kano, Rabiu Kwankwaso is known for his saving public funds by likewise erasing the First lady office which his predecessor, Shekarau wasted State billions running.

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